men and women

Let's be honest: men and women are different, and even that statement is pretty diminutive of the truth.

Men and women feel things differently. They think about things differently and go through different things. Their experiences and knowledge base are different.

Sometimes, this means men and women don't understand each other very well. The best way to solve a mystery is to ask a question, but men sometimes feel nervous about doing so. They don't want to offend women by getting too personal, and they don't know how else to proceed.

That's why it's a good thing Reddit exists. Men have finally asked their questions, and women have answered!

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Oh, the things people say.

Sometimes you wonder if people have the capability to think before they speak.

It's an especially thorny issue in relationships.

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Men Break Down Which Things They Will Never Quite Understand About Women
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Men and women.

What a conundrum.

Or mess, whatever description makes more sense.

I don't believe this battle of wills and thoughts will be answered in this lifetime.

But maybe some headway can be made with a few honest thoughts.

Some guys out there really want to "get it," ladies.

And by "get it," they mean answers to questions and logic that escapes them.

So how can you help?

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Men Break Down Which Things They'll Never Quite Understand About Women
Photo by Sarah G. on Unsplash

Figuring out the mind of a woman is a fascinating topic.

How do women tick?

They are smarter than men, for sure.

But is it innate... or do they learn their special ways?

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Things That Make A Man Instantly Attractive That They Don't Even Realize According To Women
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While we all notice the way people look, the superficiality of instant attraction doesn’t last forever.

More often than not, a man with a good personality becomes more attractive while men who are rude or have an attitude become less attractive, regardless of their physical appearance.

Going along with that, there are some superficial traits or actions that make any man look attractive.

For example, I really like when a guy runs one hand through his hair when he is thinking about something.

The thing is, many men don’t realize these traits or actions are attractive to potential partners.

Luckily, Redditors are ready to share their opinions.

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