It can be a wildly involved, long-prepared surprise or a simple moment of attention given.

When a woman goes the extra mile to give care to her partner, his response is often as sappy as it gets.

These men of Reddit elaborate on the very best, most moving actions given by their partners. Each reads like the internet equivalent of a man so smitten that he yells from his window.

Most, you'll notice, remain in that same relationship.

The experiences listed appear to their authors, in hindsight, as clear indications that things gained permanent, solid footing right then and there.

The creative energy of their partners and the simplicity of affection show how expressions of love seem to be full of complexity and straightforward at the same time.

lafemmeava asked, "Men of reddit, what's the most romantic thing a woman in your life has ever done?"

An Investment, Really

"My girlfriend paid for a maritime course that I couldn't afford so that I could get a higher license and a better paying job."

"We're married now and I'm a Captain."

-- Slymee_Remington

Shared Priorities

"When me and my fiancé were dating, I always joked about visiting a place called Hillbilly hot dogs after seeing a post about it online."

"Well a year or so after I first started talking about it, my boss calls me and tells me to head home early (this was about a week after my birthday). I get home and my GF told me to pack 3-4 days of clothes but she wouldn't tell me where we were going."

"We hopped in the car and sure enough a few hours later we were in front of hillbilly hotdogs. I couldn't believe it. We just had the best time eating there in the section that's an old converted school bus."

"After that, we ended up driving down to NC to stay at her cousins near the beach for a few days and just enjoy each other's company."

"Honestly it was the most wonderful gift I've ever received."

-- SmockGlarp

Simple, Pure Attention 

"I broke my leg 3 months into a relationship (unrelated to the relationship)."

"My family had just left town that day. I had emergency surgery; she drove me to the surgery, picked up my meds during the surgery, picked me up when I woke up, drove me back to her place and took care of me for a month there."

"This included sponge baths, waking up to give me pain killers in the middle of the night so I wouldn't wake up in agony, having food for me during the day when she went to work, and making sure I was happy overall."

"4 years later and we are still together."

-- ringadingdinger

Took Him at His Worst

"Helped me move."

"I never felt more loved than when I was flipping the hell out trying to get packed and figure out how I was going to get everything to me apartment and my very organized girlfriend drove out from an hour away several nights in one week to help me make it happen."

-- CaughttheDarkness

The Little Things

"I didn't have a mattress throughout high school, and my then-girlfriend came over for the first time and she looked very disgruntled."

"So she talked to her parents and arranged a surprise visit for me to go to Ikea and get a bed and a desk. I've never loved someone so much."

-- zac_bubbles

Thriving in Times of Crisis

"My birthday was the 9th and since we can't go out she made me my own escape room in our house."

"It made me feel so loved I almost cried. I lucked out with the greatest girl in the world."

-- LanikM

Smooth Move

"A girl knew I had a thing for her so she pretended she couldn't find her phone, then asked if someone could call it. I said sure what's your number?"

"We got married a year later for 15 years."

-- omegaweapon

A Valiant Effort

"I lost my favorite pair of sun glasses at a building on campus. By the time I realized I was in my dorm and was swamped with a paper. I was upset and expressed this to her."

"She left and came back soaking wet. She went back to campus and walked along every path I had taken and checked the building for me to try and find them as a pick me up."

"Unfortunately she couldn't find them but it was so sweet."

-- Love_Avis

Meeting a Nerd Where He's At

I've always had a passion for astronomy and it had been a childhood dream of mine to see the CERN supercolider in Switzerland."

"My GF who herself didn't understand the beauty of such technology (she's an English teacher), started to cut back on expenditure on things she liked for a couple of months."

"I occasionally offered some financial support but she always kissed me saying there's nothing to worry about and so like any partner I worried.

Some months passed it was nearing my birthday. I hadn't seen my GF all day as she went to work yet she arrived late. She came up to me with an envelope and simply sat besides me anticipating my reaction."

"I slipped out 2 tickets to my childhood dream into my hands as well as cried like a child in her warm embrace."

-- SolomonKhalifa

Easily Pleased

"I loved pirates and it was my birthday."

"While I was at work my girlfriend at the time made a pirate scavenger hunt with a piece of paper she burned and made look like a map. I was turning 23 and that was the best thing ever."

-- Surferly91

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