Men Explain Which Feminine Things They Wish Were More Socially Acceptable For Them To Do
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Unfortunately, we live in a world that is not without its prejudices. Take gender, for instance. While views on gender differ from society to society, generally speaking, there are certain expectations for men and women and those who step outside the norm risk social ostracization.

Men are told that they must be "strong" and are discouraged from sharing their emotions (which can lead to all sorts of problems down the road). Men who dress in more "feminine" styles of clothing or who use makeup also risk being mistreated by others around them.

Thankfully, it seems Western society is becoming largely more tolerant, not that it's not without its problems. Men shared their thoughts after Redditor AliciaJayne89 asked the online community,

"Men of Reddit; what do you wish was as acceptable for you to do as it is for women?"


"Complimenting people. Honestly, I get it, often when guys compliment women in particular it can be for ulterior motives, but sometimes I just want to say that someone's hair is pretty today without it being perceived as flirty."


This is a big one. It doesn't help that men are conditioned not to do it (or shown how to do it in all the wrong ways).

"I've had nonstop glares..."

"Play with my son at the park. Or even be at the park with my son.

I've had nonstop glares from Karens, and overall been treated like I'm some type of predator. I'm just trying to take my little kiddo out for some fun, as he loves the slide to no end. Yet, I've had women call their kids to their sides, round them up and leave, and given the stare down endlessly. On one occasion, I was even interrogated by one of the mothers. I honestly couldn't believe how ridiculous it was.

Honestly it breaks my heart how just taking my son to the park to play has an endless sea of harassment bundled up into it."


The prejudice is real. I imagine it is especially hard for men who work with children and have to train themselves not to get too close with them for fear that a parent might say something.

"I wish men could be..."

"I wish men could be more emotive with each other without it being a "gay" thing. Hugging isn't a sexual act."


"As someone who works in an office..."

"As someone who works in an office, I would like to be able to go to work without a suit but still be "business casual." Jealous of my female colleagues that can wear blouses, etc. and abide by the dress code but I'm stuck with a suit and tie in 35 degrees Celsius."


The options women have appear endless! On the other hand, women are expected to rotate different outfits... so what's that about the grass always being greener?

"Staying at home..."

"Staying at home to take care of the kids and the house while my wife is at work."


"Every time..."

"Be open and honest about our feelings, without being judged.

Every time I've felt comfortable enough to open up, it seems like that reduces how other people, women included, see you."


"I noticed..."

"I noticed it is more acceptable for women to be bisexual. My dad used to say that it was okay for a woman to be bi but embarrassing for men."


There are too many people out there––including within the LGBT community––who deny the existence of bisexuality and it's wrong.

"Other countries..."

"I'm American, I wish I had the same time off from work when my kid was born. I had to be back at work within two days. Other countries are way more generous with this than we are here in the good ol' USA."


When you read what the Nordic countries offer fathers, it's enough to make you bitter. Being able to spend time with your child should be a right.

"If a woman..."

"Being asexual and aromantic.

If a woman is a virgin into her 30s she is seen as independent and in control of her life. If a man is a virgin into his 30s, he is seen as a loser. Virgin men are treated as the lowest common denominator, while virgin women are shamed way WAY less."


"Not being..."

"Not being the main decision-maker in the partnership. I think my girlfriend is def sharper than me, so I value her end-of-the-day opinion more than my own many times. But there's always a stigma of "oh I guess she's the one wearing the pants in that relationship."


Gender inequality harms men and boys as much as it harms women and girls, as a 2019 Global Early Adolescent Study noted. It's important that men and boys be included in discussions about gender inequality if we wish to create a world where they won't be judged for doing something as harmless as expressing their emotions or wearing different clothing.

Have some suggestions and opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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