People Explain What Instantly Made Them Lose All Interest In A Crush
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Instant attraction is real.

And it can be a real problem.

You want people to like you.

You want them to be who you think they are.

But then it can all change in an instant.

Redditor SpacedGeek wanted to discuss the moments we've all realized it was time to stop panting over a certain person.

So they asked:

"What did a crush do that made you instantly lose interest in him/her?"

I lose interest easily. So this should all make sense.

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"She asked me to prom. I said yeah. Two days before prom ‘I actually don't want to go with you, but I already bought both of our tickets. As the guy, I expect you to pay me back for them.’"

"I tried to explain that’s not how transactions work. She kept telling me it was my responsibility. I asked if she was smoking crack. Never heard from her again."


Salt Lake City

"Not me but my wife before we met. There was an event in Salt Lake City and she was from northern Washington. She had a crush on this guy and decided to join carpooling with him and couple other people. They stopped to grab some fast food and went back on their way."

"Well as soon as he finished eating/ drinking, he tossed the whole bag out the window while driving. After that, she barely talked to him and once they got to SLC she left him and joined some other friends and went back home with them instead."


You're Blocked

"Went on a date with a guy to a Chinese restaurant and as we were leaving he threw trash on the ground when there was a trash can a few feet away. Then we went to his house to watch a movie and he picked his cat up by the scruff of its neck and threw it. Not a set it down to get it off the counter kinda thing but a legit throw across the room."

"I left right then and there and told him why. He called me a *itch and a tease (for whatever reason, never gave him the impression I was going to sleep with him that night) and was yelling at me as I was backing my car out of his drive. I got to the end of his road and blocked his number."


No one...

"They poked fun at my mom. Going to a primarily white school, him and a group of his guy friends always made fun of how she dressed and how short she was. I didn’t super know him, but he was a part of the group that did, and that’s all I needed to know. My mom is this sweet, short Asian woman who loves to smile, and yes, she sometimes wears goofy clothing, but no one makes fun of my momma. No one."



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"He said that he doesn’t like ugly people and they all should die or be put in a corner."


People are just vicious.


"He drove like an idiot while I was in the car. I literally thought he was going to kill us, and he was road raging the whole time. This was on the highway, too. I asked him to stop driving like that and he didn’t. Never going out with him again."


"Same thing happened to me. Driving home from our first date, I wasn’t talking much because the date had gone poorly and I felt uncomfortable."

"He got mad at me for being 'too quiet' and pretended to fall asleep at the wheel. Leaned back in the chair, folded his arms, and closed his eyes. We were on the highway going at least 85. I had to grab the wheel to keep us from swerving. He ran a few reds once we got to my town too. Very unpleasant experience."



"Asked her out, she said yes! Then, she dumped me 2 weeks in saying she didn’t wanna start anything new because she was moving in a month and didn’t tell me."

"Then that time came for her to move and where does she move? INTO MY HOUSE. she got with my roommate that looks creepily close to how I look (we would often get mistaken for brothers, twins even), and started a committed relationship with him."

"There were some thin walls in that house too..."



"This guy that I'd been talking to for a while on tinder who I thought was cool/cute but he never seemed down to meet up. One time he randomly messaged me to say he'd gone over to someone's place and they'd had sex three times. I think he was trying to make me jealous but it just made me feel a bit gross."



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"Crush on a girl my junior year of college. She liked to heavily make fun of people and I mean hard. Like to the point I would say hi to someone I knew. After we walked off she would have some remark. She went from attractive to not wanting to be around her really quickly."


It only takes a moment to be over it.

Have you ever instantly lost interest in someone thanks to something they did? Let us know in the comments.