That disappointing moment when you realize your crush isn't all that.

Love makes people blind. Especially when you admire someone from afar. It's easy to overlook a person's flaw if you don't take the time to get to know them. But becoming properly acquainted with the object of your affections can be a big let down when they don't live up to the version you've been putting on a pedestal

Redditor u/come1v1 got people to share their stories of failed romances, when they asked... "What made you lose interest in your crush?"

10. They had too many lovers

"I found out he was sleeping with at least 4 other women, and all of them thought he was only serious about them and the others were just crazy stalkers. I had no idea he was capable of it, and I lost a lot of respect for him afterwards."


9. Maybe the most important factor of any crush

"I realized we didn't have anything in common."


8. It's always worth a shot

"I got rejected by her.

No harm done. At least I asked her out."


7. Avoid misery

"Took a step back and realized she was a self-centered narcissist who always made whoever her current boyfriend was miserable.

Decided I didn't want to be miserable."


6. What kind of teacher would do that?

"My grade 5 teacher ruined it for me because he had told my whole class about as he somehow figured it out"


5. Feelings fade

"Tbh time just passed and my interest just slowly faded away. Sometimes it was cause I saw that they are already dating so I let them be again."


4. If someone wants to talk to you, they will

"Them only messaging back once a day. I get it that people can be busy but I need someone more compatible with me."


3. The planets aren't an excuse to be a jerk


"When she seriously explained poor behavior due to mercury being in retrograde or something. Reading horoscopes, okay maybe fun in the same way fortune cookies are, but to actually live your life by that..."


2. Gotta help yourself

"When I realized she had no ambition to better her situation. Just complained about it with no intention of improvement."


1. The best way to end a crush


"I married her and had a daughter with her. So she is no longer my crush but my partner."


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