There’s something to be said for learning a little about your crush before you go on a date. Not saying you should internet stalk them, but maybe finding out how their views mesh with yours would be prudent. When Reddit user Ankit1000 asked out his gym crush, he thought it was the best moment of […] More
For some of us, meeting someone we like is a big deal, and we take our dating lives seriously. But trying to flirt with someone who was just injured might be a bit much, admitted the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor dullign was criticized by her friend after they disagreed about whether to send […] More

Listen ... Sam Rockwell...

He's never going to read this article, but on the off-chance he does, I am totally open to him emailing me or sliding into the DMs.

I have nothing of any real importance to say, just that I've been weirdly obsessed since his indie movie days and I like the way he ... um ... makes words? And says them good? On a stage/set?

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We’ve all had at least one crush who didn’t reciprocate our affections, right? It’s a terrible experience, and one we might find ourselves looking back on in embarrassment in the future. But how much worse would it be if our crush knew we liked them and then used that to their advantage? One guy recently […] More
Image by JUAN FERNANDO YECKLE from Pixabay

When you find the love of your life, you want to do your best to work through any hardships and hold on to them.

But finding the right one takes time.

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