Life constantly feels like we're in a state of flux.

How often do you stop and think... "Is this real?"

I frequently wonder if Skynet has taken over already.

I wish I could open the air in front of me and jump to another location.

My current locations stink.

Time for a reboot.

Redditor benmeroff wanted to discuss the ways in which it feels like we're part of the AI world and asked everyone:

"If life was someday proven to be a simulation, what glitch or anomaly could you point to as a major clue we'd missed?"

I wonder sometimes about reality. It all seems like a scene out of 'The Truman Show.'

Right There

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"When your pen gets lost as soon it hits the floor. And then appears right there after some time."


The Shock

"This is absurd but I know the exact moment I would call BS on reality. I was out for supper with my mother, grandmother and sister and after we had (mostly) finished eating there was a moment where my sister and I, across from one another, witnessed the same thing."

"It was a mundane dinner and mundane conversation yet a moment occurred that I would shock my sister and I. While my mother and grandmother were talking there was an instance where a white plate between my sister and I shook on the table."

"It had been clear previous, but post table shake, a solitary French fry appeared on the plate. At first I thought I was the only person witnessing this bizarre re-appearing act however post appearing I locked eyes with my sister who had seen the same thing. We still talk about that stupid f**king fry to this day."


In the Dream

"I don't know if this is just me, but I often have a boring dream of myself in a classroom or on a bus, wake up and forget it pretty quickly. Then, many years later, I'm on a bus or in a classroom and I see something or hear something that I saw or heard in that dream. Then I suddenly remember that dream and get really confused."

"In reality, I probably dreamed about being in a different classroom or on a different bus and my brain took this new but very similar event and overlayed it over the old dream, changing my memory of that dream. It's happened about 10 times in my life so far."



"Why physics appears to operate under different rules depending on whether you are looking at very big things or very small things."

"If it is a simulation they simply faked the big things to save processing power which is why quantum physics doesn't fit neatly in our understanding of the universe and likely why we are 'detecting' dark matter."



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"Welp, yesterday while driving with my daughter in the car, she says 'Dad? I'm starting to feel that this whole human thing isn't real.' So I guess that would be confirmed as my first hint."


Humans feel less and less real each day. Makes sense.


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"You could say the strict laws of physics that govern our reality. If we were in, say, a video game, we’d eventually start wondering why the rules seem absolutely rigid/mathematical."

"Maybe the speed of light is just the speed limit for transmitting information within the network of our simulation."


The Same Guy

"Sometimes you get out of your house and walk past the same people a lot of times. Like, you are going to the market and walk past a dude walking the opposite direction. Then, you leave the market a couple of minutes and walk past the same dude, again in the opposite direction. This stuff happens A LOT with me and its like a ton of people at the same time. It makes me feel like there aren't enough models of NPCs to throw around so the matrix just uses a bunch of the same."


Look into me...

"When you run into someone you don't know and you both stare at each other saying, 'You look familiar. Do I know you?' and then ask a million questions trying to figure it out and come to the conclusion that you don't in fact know each other. Then walk away still wondering why that person looked so familiar."


Can it Change?

"Deja Reve. It’s similar to Deja Vu but it’s where you’ve dreamed of a future moment."

"It’s weird and for me it hasn’t been useful. But one moment I’ll be experiencing life and know what’s going to happen, because I saw it in a dream. I’ll even know about my futile attempts to change it from the dream. It only lasts a couple minutes at most and is at mundane moments but it is freaky."



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"The quantum eraser. Quantum physics as a whole feels like a huge dev shortcut, things only exist in a definitive state when they are interacted with, kind of like a GPU only rendering things when your character is looking at them."


We're all part of the Matrix. Makes sense...