Alleged Alien Abductees Share What They Really Believe Happened To Them

Alleged Alien Abductees Share What They Really Believe Happened To Them

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_The recent blockbuster movie 'A Quiet Place' has stirred some anxiety about a hot topic. The X-Files, Area 51, E.T., Sigourney Weaver... we know what is out there beyond the stars, or do we? Proof that other life forms and galaxies exist is one of the most debated theories in life. So many people are skeptics. They believe Aliens are just about as real as ghosts and those who look for signs of life in the sky are just plain old wackos. _

Redditor _\SpacePistachio _implored for 'abductees' to share their tales by asking **People of Reddit that honestly believe they have been abducted by aliens, what was your experience like? **_Will these stories give us proof? Time will tell. If it is all real let's pray it's more 'Galaxy Quest' and less 'War of the Worlds.' _


I had a year long experience of strange events that I've never been able to explain or have a full memory of.

It started in winter working up north on a project. Our crew was put up in a motel 10 minutes outside of the largest town in the area. I somehow got upgraded to a king size bed with couches, nice room. Our days were long so I used the couches to stack my clothes in piles(Jeans, hoodies, etc).

I had brought my entire desktop computer with me and was in the middle of a massive argument with my ex over Facebook messenger at 1am during the 2nd week up there. At some point I opened my eyes and I was sitting on top of a pile of hoodies on the couch. The time was now 4am.

I rushed over to the computer. At some point after 1am I had stopped typing a sentence midway through. My ex had left a ton of messages throughout the night demanding I answer her back. She also left missed calls and texts on my phone that was still sitting beside the mouse. I figured I had somehow passed out but wasn't sure how I ended up on top of my hoodies on the couch and not just fall into bed. Went to sleep normally for the remaining couple hours before work.

A couple of days later a stranger scenario happened. My routine was we'd finish work, I'd come back to the motel around 9pm, shower, change, and drive into town for late night dinner at Boston Pizza(only restaurant open late other than McDonalds). So this particular night I went through my routine, took a shower, changed, headed for the door. I got to my car and when I turned it on something felt really wrong.

I looked at the time, it was now 2am. I had no idea how I had lost around 4 hours between showering and getting into my car. It felt weird. My whole body felt weird. I felt violated. You feel violated but you have no idea what happened. Not a single memory or explanation. I stayed up all night scared trying to figure out what happened. Why was I missing 4 hours, if I had passed out why didn't I wake up on the floor, why did I feel violated, etc.

The rest of the project nothing else happened, but once I got back home things started happening that were just as weird. There's more to my experiences if people want to know(it only lasted for about a year), but those two events were the starting catalysts.

I've never actually figured out what happened but most people I've asked all seem to agree it had to be abduction events. ???????


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Was camping in a campground in North ga with some friends. It was starting to Down pour so everyone left their tents in the woods and decided to rent one of the on site cabins for everyone to sleep in. I decided I'd just sleep in my car because they wanted to stay up late and I was tired from kayaking all day.

I woke up to the rain stopping and it was kind of cold in the car and I had forgotten my sleeping bag in my tent. I checked the cabin to see if there was any room left and the light was on and everyone was fast asleep (3am). I didn't want to squeeze in so I decided to trek my way to my tent in the dark with a small pen light. In order to get to my tent I had to pass by everyone's that they left. Mine was the last one and even then was 50 ft at least from the previous tent before it.

I got in my tent, covered up with my sleeping bag and prepared to catch the last few hours of sleep before sun rise. No more than 10-15 min from me getting in my tent I began to hear light whispers right out side the tent door. They weren't in English and to my recollection indecipherable ( not any language I had heard at all) . Just as the voices started, two orbs appeared together outside the tent. They weren't the same glare as a flashlight would make and both were of two different colors that to the best of my ability had no real distinct color. Just colorful.

The whispers outside the tent began arguing louder between each other, but still in a hush tone. And as the whispers grew louder, the lights began swirling around the tent. Behind me, to the side to the front. Not in the movement that one could make with flashlights and at this point I realized no footsteps could be heard.

I uncovered myself and knelt on the tent floor preparing for the zipper to come undone like in a horror movie and I was flipping through my mind on What option to take. I was the most terrified I had ever been. Fight or flight.The lights swirled faster and the voices grew louder but still breathy and whispery. My mind raced and I was sweating despite the cold. And then, just like that the lights shut off like switch and the whispers stopped and nothing but silence of an empty wood.

I stood there as still as I could and I didn't dare go outside that tent til the sun came up. It was and still is the scariest moment of my life. I hope this makes sense. I've never written it out before. If I need to answer anything I can try in between moments at work. Interesting enough I went to a horror movie premiere recently and there was a scene that had the voices in it and goosebumps ran up my arm. It was identical.


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About 20 years ago I was walking home from the shops with my dad and we stopped to watch some really odd lights in the sky.

There were 2 lights, slightly bigger than the stars zooming around and orbiting each other, making figure-8s etc. And then they stopped moving, got bigger and bigger until bright light filled the sky and then they were gone, we carried on our journey home. We hadn't stopped for more than 5 mins. The whole journey should have been 20 mins.

When we got home, my mum was freaking out, we had been gone for 65 mins, our watches were both still working but were 45 mins behind every clock in the house. She had neighbors/friends bout looking for us. I don't know what happened to us or what we saw, maybe nothing.


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Oh boy. Here we go. This is going to be long and very hard to explain, and to clarify, I didn't think I was abducted, but my friend did.

So I was about fifteen. Every night, a guy I'll call Jay and I would sneak out at about midnight and go back home around four to five in the morning, before our parents would wake up for work.On one particular night, we had just snuck out and it was about 1am. We headed to my backyard, laid on the trampoline, and stared at the stars and talked, like we always did.

Now, if you're in a room right now, and you look around, you'll see the definite four corners where your ceiling and walls meet. You can see how.. square? they turn. Edge of wall, sharp turn, second wall, same with your ceiling. You can see each individual flat surface.

The sky did that. It went from staring at the stars to looking like a cube of sky. From the southeast corner of the sky came this giant UFO. I mean huge. As if it took up a quarter of the entire sky. We both stared at it in dead silence. It didn't make any noise, even as it moved. And while it"spun," it was only hovering straight. The spinning didn't move it like you imagine a frisbee doing. The sides just turned while it moved.

I guess what it looked like doesn't matter. But Jay and I had our eyes deadset on it. We didn't say a word. We didn't point to show the other person. As it began coming toward us, we both flipped over.

Again, no hints, no talking, no eye contact. In total sync, we flipped onto our stomachs and stayed as flat and quiet as we could. Now ducking from something sounds totally normal, and instinct, but that's not what this was. It was literally almost like telepathy. I can remember us having a mental conversation of"Stay flat and it won't see us. Don't. Move."

We watch it make a weird, angled "C," shape across the sky. And although it felt totally in slow motion, it could have only been a few minutes because I think both of us held our breath the entire time.

Now for the weirdest part, as soon as it was out of sight, boom, daybreak. We had literally just gotten to the yard, and I know it was 1:15am, because I checked. But the minute we felt_"released," _from laying flat, it was very bright. Like 7:30/8:00am bright. I don't remember talking to him at all afterwards, other than making eye contact, and then making a break for our homes before our parents noticed we weren't there.

A few weeks, even months maybe, I'm talking to my brothers girlfriend about what happened. Apparently she's real into that, but also completely terrified. She said the fact that it felt like a few minutes but then it was suddenly six/seven hours later truly, 100% makes her think we were abducted. She was serious.I made a joke about how I should go to hypnotherapy to "unblock the memories," and she deadpans, and says "Don't. People who were abducted are traumatized by what happened to them. They even get PTSD."

The next day she texted me about how she couldn't sleep. I think abduction is a little bit of a stretch, and she watched too many Discovery Channel documentaries, but.. the weird loss of time still irks me. I do know what we saw was 100% real. Aliens? I dunno. Abduction? I dunno.


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I was home alone in this little house I lived in in the middle of nowhere. It was probably around 2 AM and I was just listening to music enjoying having the place to myself for a change, when all of a sudden my dogs started going CRAZY. Normally, when someone pulls in the driveway or comes up to the backdoor, they go to the door they heard the noise beyond and peek through the blinds to see who it is, but this night they are running all around the house from door to door barking louder than they ever do.

When I stood up to go see what the hell they were on about, I noticed that the whole house seemed to be lit up with a deep blue light. Turning into the living room, it became obvious that it was emanating in from each window. I put on my shoes to go outside and see who was out there, but by the time I got out there the light had faded away. There was no sound of a car engine or really anything, and where I lived you could hear a car coming from a mile away.

I felt a chill run down my spine but I had the weirdest sense of fight or flight where neither option seemed viable, like I was frozen to the spot. I wanted to turn around and get back inside, and then...I just was. Right back in the chair I was listening to music in. As if I just blinked and there I was.

Don't really like telling people about it because it skeeves me out so bad.


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About a year ago I was chatting with a friend about creepy, seemingly supernatural experiences we had had as children. I chalked mine up to over active imagination, and just seeing things that weren't there. As I went into detail, her eyes kept getting wide, and she started pulling things up on her phone about aliens. After she showed me some drawing, and other things, I admitted to her that I'm absolutely terrified of aliens. I'm going to tell y'all these stories of mine, and I would genuinely appreciate feedback. Was she just f-ing with me? Or do these sound like alien encounters to anyone else?

Between the ages of 5 and 10, I lost time a lot. One of the more notable times that I clearly remember being confused, was when I was laying on the floor watching tv. It was about 6pm, and I looked out the window. It was still bright outside, and then I blinked. When I opened my eyes again it was 3am, the tv was off and I was sitting on the sofa. That sort of thing happened a lot for a few years.

Then there were the things I would see. I never had curtains or blinds on my bedroom windows. I was also, absolutely terrified of Windows and I still am. Most nights, before falling asleep, I would see head shapes outside. Not peaking up from the bottom of the window, but either from the side, or looking in from the top of the window, like it was upside down with a cocked head looking in. I had a second floor bedroom, so I thought it was impossible for something to be looking in, so I would just cover my head and try to sleep. Most of the time I ended up sneaking into my parents or my brothers bedroom at night because of it, but, I would see the shapes in their windows as well. But at least I felt safer because I wasn't alone.

Then, when I was closer to 10, I basically slept in my brothers room every night. We had moved into a new house, and his room was in the basement. It wasn't really a room, but it had one wall, then a big, open side that was separated from the rest of the basement with a long curtain. I had pretty bad insomnia by that point, and I didn't typically fall asleep until 3-4 in the morning. I was laying on the floor in my sleeping bag, watching Harvy birdman, and the curtain started to move. I looked over to see a hand, reaching through the bottom of the curtain. It was somewhat skeletal looking, with long fingers, and very pronounced bone structure. The wrist it was attached to was also very thin, and had no hair. I sat up and screamed, and when I did the hand froze, and then quickly went back under the curtain. I then heard something running up the stairs, but I didn't hear a door open or close. I curled up on the foot of my brothers bed, and stayed awake until morning.

That was the last thing I remember happening. I still lost time off and on until I was about 16. Aliens FREAK me out, always have, always will. I can't watch alien movies, or read stories, without getting extremely uncomfortable. I've never done my own research, and I avoid anything about the subject if I can. But I am truly curious if anyone else thinks the same thing my friend does.


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I live in a pretty secluded part of Washington state. I was in my late teens and my parents had gone to Seattle for something, so I was put in charge of the property. I was closing everything up (i.e. the barn we own and some other small utility buildings) when I look up and see three reddish-orange lights in a triangular formation. They were just floating there, as if they were magnified stars. So magnified, in fact, that everything was slightly illuminated by their warm hue. I'm mesmerized, standing there, and suddenly lose my sense of balance, as if the ground in front of me has begun rising, and I pass out. Next thing I know I'm on the ground in the barn I had locked up (according to my watch) half an hour before. Needless to say, I was petrified. I scurried to the house with my tail between my legs scared and confused. I slept not at all that night and any sense of security I had was gone. Even though I was locked safely in my house, I felt hopelessly exposed.

In hindsight, I think it's possible I was light-headed, opened the barn door and fell down, but it still shakes me up thinking about it.


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In 2005. I was living out in the boonies with my mom, I was 15 years old. I had been talking with this girl on and off for weeks and I was on the phone with her, it was just before dark when this chick was telling me that if I come over to her house she will sneak outside to hang out with me as soon as her parents go to bed. Luckily she only lived like 2 miles away and I had a bike. Horny teenage me didn't take long to decide right then and there I was gonna make that trip. Luckily my mom always went to bed super early as well.

She texts me sometime after 10pm that her parents went to bed. It's on. I leave for her house.

As I'm riding my bike down these dark country roads I see almost exactly what you described you saw. Orange glowy lights in a triangular formation. They were just hanging there still. I stopped for a second to get a better look because there were some trees obstructing my view and they started looking bigger the more I looked at them. I started to feel this really weird sensation that I can only describe as similar to vertigo. I completely black out.

I wake up and I'm still on the side of the road but not where I was before. I got super confused and couldn't quite figure out where I was for a minute. I pull out my phone to look at the time. It's dead. My bike is nowhere to be found. I start heading down the road in what I thought was the direction I came and suddenly realized where I was. I was in the opposite direction of my house from where I started. Like, I was on the same road, just on the other end of it. I turn around when I realize this and run home. I get home and plug in my phone. It's like 2am and I have a bunch of missed calls and texts from that chick asking where I'm at.

The next day I call that girl and I tell her what happened. She sounds skeptical. I ask her what time she called me the first time last night after I left. She said she called me at around 11:00 and it wouldn't go through. I left sometime after 10.. I know my phone was at nearly full battery because it was on the charger before I left the house. I do find my bike later that day in the same place I remember stopping. It was just laying there on the side of the road. I remember having really crazy dreams and a bad headache for a couple weeks after this happened. You know, after the first couple weeks I never really had dreams much anymore. Still don't. Not sure if it's related at all though.

I can't say for sure it was aliens or abduction or whatever but I'll be honest. I'm not normally an anxious guy, but being outside alone at night has creeped me the heck out ever since. Staring into the night sky gives me anxiety when I'm by myself now. I'm not even sure I want to know what happened.


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Might be too late, and I'm not sure I believe this to be what happened anymore, but I certainly believed it as a kid. When I was about seven, my parents and I briefly lived in an apartment in Chicago next door to my dad's old house. For whatever reason, on this night we all slept on the living room floor, me inbetween my parents. Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up and was entranced by an orange glow out one of the windows (we were on the second floor). I wandered the five or ten feet over to it and looked out to see what I believed to be the house next door completely gone, and a spacecraft in its place over an empty lot. I remember just standing there staring at it in disbelief, feeling as though I couldn't move an inch. And it must have felt like I was there for ages, and then bam I woke up, back between my parents. So it was a dream...

You'd think, except immediately after waking up I rolled over and puked my brains out. I wasn't sick and I don't throw up unless there's a serious stomach virus going on, so it was for an undetermined reason. I won't sit here and claim I was actually abducted, as I got older I started to rationalize that I was probably just scared shitless by the dream, but I always do kind of wonder...


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Not entirely sure if we were abducted, but my wife (who was a non believer) and I both have missing time. We were having sex on our bed when we suddenly both came to, and were in totally different places in the room. Not sure how much time had past, but she looked at me and said "what the hell just happened?" I said I wasn't sure. Neither of us were scared, and we were both incredibly tired. We decided we would just go to bed and talk about it in the morning.

I looked up instances of missing time and a lot of them said the same thing. When they came to they were just very tired, knew something was totally weird, but just wanted to go to sleep.


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Was at a friend's cabin one night with 5-6 friends. was late at night and we where all hypnotized for about 15-20 mins looking at these 3 dancing lights above the hill across the lake. Then a shooting star went across the sky and it lit everything up almost as bright as day. we all ran into the cabin. when looking back at it I get a strange feeling thinking of how we don't have much memories to recollect after we went inside. Deciding to just fall asleep right away instead of talking about what we just saw. some of my friends old friends get upset if I bring up what we saw let alone our actions after.

I can't say I believe me or any of my friends where abducted. What I know is the details I mentioned. After seeing those lights I did lots of research on ufos and stuff for the next few years. I did not think about being abducted then either lol. Do I find it strange we all went to sleep quickly after we went inside yes I do, however there wasn't any overwhelming evidence that we got abducted. could it have happened tho? I have no idea, all I know is seeing those lights was an amazing experience. it really opened my eyes and mind to a much larger world then I saw before.


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No joke my grandparents and one of their parents back in the 60's or 70's were fishing on the Georgia Bay in Canada while they were on this island when they saw this giant or orange glowing ball about the size of a large two story house come from around a bend in the lake and it went silently past them and was really close apparently. My grandpa said it looked like the inside of it was on fire but it was just the surface moving around in a weird way. After it went past them it stopped dead in its tracks and went back the same way it came and vanished around the bend of the lake. He looks concerned every time it's brought up and said it was the most terrifying feeling he's ever had. His dad was on the other side of the island and came scooting up in the boat about 5 minutes later and told them they were leaving because he saw it too. There is definitely something up with these orange orbs and reading these stories actually made me almost tear up a little because everything my grandpa has said is being seen by others and talked about.


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So, full disclosure, I don't know if I was abducted. I don't honestly believe that I was abducted. I just know that if what I had was a nightmare, it was such a nightmare that I still remember it to this day in nearly full clarity.

I was about 4 or 5 years old and my father was working nightshift. My mother was watching football in our living room and I went to sleep on some chairs near the entertainment center; I don't recall how or why, just that I conked out in that spot. I "woke up" (quotes because I don't actually know if I was awake or dreaming) some undetermined time later. The lights were still on, but the TV was off and the house was unnaturally quiet, like the sound was getting sucked up. I looked at the TV first, then turned my head left and saw my mother floating about a foot off the ground with her eyes glowing orange and her mouth hanging open.

Naturally, I panicked. I didn't know where I was going or what I planned to do, just that I had to get out of that room. So I bolted for the hallway that lead to the bedrooms and found myself unable to move. Something walked out of my bedroom in the back. It couldn't have been much bigger than me as a child, but I remember it was brown and leathery-looking with arms that were too long for a human. The eyes were red and flashed like bike reflectors. I didn't even know what E.T. was much less seen the movie at this point in my life, for the record (needless to say, after this being burned into my memory, I did not find the movie endearing).

I couldn't move. I couldn't even scream even though I was trying. All I could do was stand there while the thing hesitated at the end of the hallway. Then it screamed like a bird with something stuck in its throat and waddle-ran straight for me. I woke up on the chairs again screaming and crying until I couldn't anymore from exhaustion. My mother didn't/doesn't remember any of it.

After that I was pretty well spooked by any feasible account of alien abduction or UFOs in general. Several episodes of feeling like I was getting jerked leg-first out of my bed all the way into my teenage years. Thankfully, nothing like what I remembered from before though.


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I was about 8 or 9 and my mom tells me we are going on a day trip to meet her high school friend. Cool. I grab my game boy advance because I know my moms friend has kids my age and wanted to show them up in the racing game I had. I over heard this from my mom talking with her friend at her house (they told me to leave the room because they needed to talk about"adult things"). Little, innocent, curious me wonders what exactly are "adult things" that I can't hear? Were they gonna throw some new juicy cuss words out? Well.... Moms friend had a little girl who would sleep walk at night. Started when they moved into their new house (Northern California). It was a suburban area but not too suburban (new neighborhood with a lot of empty homes and forest patches in between each community). She was about 4 years old and they found her one night in the backyard just sitting there. After that incident they decide they need to lock her in her room at night and bar up her windows so that she doesn't end up in the woods nearby or anywhere besides her room really. THE STORY moms friend and husband wake up to a loud boom on the side of the house in the middle of the next night. Felt like something hit the house because everything shook. They check on their boys, they're good. They didn't hear anything and go back to sleep. They check on their daughter, unlock the door and realize she isn't in her room. They start to freak out, then hear a knock at the door. They open it. It's the effin sleep walking 4 year old daughter. They ask her where she's been and she said with the men and points down the street. Pissed off dad sees 2 guys in coats walking down the street. He yells at them and starts sprinting at them. Moms friend said coat guys didn't react at all. Coat guys turn the corner, dad turns the corner and they're gone. Mom and dad check the lock and windows. No tampering. They notify the police who pretty much say there's not much they can do but will keep an eye out. Effin sleep walking 4 year old daughter is fine. Isn't scared at all. Just tired and goes back to bed. After that my mom didn't understand why I was scared as hell that night (she believes she was abducted but refuses to tell me what happened. Even my dad tells me that he can't tell me the story. Says it's for my mom to share if she wants it shared). But over hearing this when I wasn't supposed to hear it had me tripped out as a kid.

Watched The 4th Kind later in life and was scared of that movie too. Friends all laughed at me saying it was stupid but they didn't know about my moms friends story.


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When I was 10 I looked out my window, as I always did before bed to make sure nothing is outside since my window faced the street, and suddenly, I started hearing a massive mechanical hum and the light outside became bright like a spotlight was on the home.

I then locked eyes with a grey head, freaked the f--- out, jumped in my bed and pulled the covers up close and stared at the window waiting to die and wondering what is going on. I saw the grey figure pacing in front of my window, stopping to stare through the bent corner in my blinds with its black eyes.

I remember it very vividly from the sound to the sensations. It was like a vibrating at a high frequency. I couldn't muster the courage to call for my parents, or even yell. Not like i would hear my own voice anyway. Another one showed up on the other side of the window just staring while the first continued pacing. Just as i was gathering the courage to run, everything stopped.

Next thing i knew, it was a few hours later, everything was dark ane night again. I never told anybody till no, but since your experience was so similar i figured id chime in.


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I'm not sure if I'd say I was _"abducted" _but what happened was really weird.

Was laying on my couch with a blanket over me and I look at the clock and it says like 11:23 AM or something. Suddenly a white flash happens and it's 12:40 PM. It happens again three more times and by the time I could comprehend what was going on it was like 5:30 PM. Every time it would happen there would be like 15 minutes of confusion and trying to move. I was stuck in a dreamlike state until it stopped happening.


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I witnessed something pretty unexplainable.

My ex and I were driving out of my suburban neighborhood super late one night on the way to go eat Waffle House or something. As we're nearing the exit to my neighborhood I look up into the sky and we both notice these three really strange orange lights in a triangle formation. We then stopped the car in the middle of the road to figure out wtf we're looking at. These lights didn't have the quality of lights you see emitting from a plane or a star. When you look at stars, they are so far away that they almost seem 2D. But these lights FELT 3D some how. These lights were much bigger and seemed closer? Like high enough into the sky to be well above the trees but not above the clouds. And they were just floating there not moving up, down, left, or right but eerily still. I really don't know how to explain how still these things were but it was unnatural and I know that sounds stupid but that's how it felt when I saw them and I wish I could explain it better.

But when I saw this, I was both mesmerized and sort of in shock. I've always been a UFO enthusiast and I've always wanted to see something bizarre like this and finally it was happening. I couldn't take my eyes off of what I was looking at and... I feel like I didn't for like an hour? I really don't know how much time passed but it really did feel like an unnatural amount of time.

Finally, these globes of light just abruptly dissolved away. Kind of like they were sucked into a black hole or something. We break our gaze and look at each other and my ex asks me if i just saw what she saw. And yeah, we couldn't come up with an explanation at all. To this day, no one believes me and I don't care. I saw what I saw and I'm now fully confident we're not alone.


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When I was twelve, I was playing RuneScape on the computer while my mom and stepdad were out for the night. This was special for me, as I always had to get off the computer when they went to bed. I remember seeing a light through out thin, white curtains and thinking that they had come home when they were supposed to be gone all night. I went outside and our driveway was empty. Turned out the light was coming from a huge, black triangle with three points of light that was hanging in the sky right above my house. I went inside to grab my parents' digital camera, but by the time I got back outside it wasn't there. I know that night happened, but has felt like a dream since the day after. Made me believe.


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Ok, so on March 24, 2015 I walked out of my backyard, around 11pm and I live in boring Oregon. So honestly where I lived it was isolated. I felt like many times there is supposed to be something waiting for me in the backwoods everyday. I felt like somebody wanted me to go in the woods and kept sending signals. Wether it was random sounds at night or small glares of light. I kept questioning what the heck could it be that is so obnoxious. I always go there during the day and there is nothing, but branches and trees. So 11:25 I wanted to yell into the woods and asked to stop messing around but it was difficult to. I was honestly frozen and i felt paralyzed, I tried to scream for help but no words. I kept walking towards the woods and I felt something grabbed me by the arm, and shoved me through the woods. Then I woke up and I thought it was a dream, I went outside of course and went where I was shoved and for the first time in my life i see branches broken and all the leafs on the ground were swept away from each other. I left around that month, and the house is still on sale at century 21, and I plan to go see it this summer and set up a paranormal crew and wait out at night. I honestly thing aliens took me and put me back to bed as an experiment.

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Of course, sometimes gossip is nothing more than just that, with no truth or validity to it whatsoever.

Other times, however, it turns out to be accurate, and what's more, should it become public knowledge, it could become truly damaging to the company's reputation and business.

Hence why many companies make all their employees sign an NDA, often preventing them from sharing information about whether they continue to work at the company or not.

Not all companies are as careful, however, resulting in some employees leaving with the knowledge that could one day force the company to go under.

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Money matters.

Don't let people fool you when they say it doesn't.

Yes, it isn't everything.

And yes it can corrupt.

But it can also be immensely helpful.

It's especially helpful in large sums.

A windfall of cash in any amount can be life-changing.

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photo of silhouette photo of man standing on rock
Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Between our parents' words of wisdom and the annoying cliches we hear daily, life lies to us a lot.

The advice we get from our family and life seems like a good thing; at the very least, it's well-intentioned.

However, it's not always true.

My parents told me I could be anything I wanted. What they didn't mention was that not everyone has an affinity for science, and there's every possibility I won't be a physicist. That one was not fun to learn.

Redditors know all too well the reality of the world proving to us that life has many lies, and were eager to share what those lies are.

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People are fickle.

Changing our minds about attraction is part of our DNA.

But sometimes following the fickle feeling is the way to go.

And that is ok.

You can be in total lust and love but if the person you're fond of kicks a puppy... kick them and run.

Some behavior is unacceptable.

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