There are a lot of jobs in the world. Most of them, people probably don't even know about.

And we are all so curious to hear more about those jobs!

There are only so many times we can hear about office workers.

Sorry, office worker readers who are totally reading this at work.

No offense.

Brainsonastick asked:

"Redditors with jobs most people don't know exist, what do you do?"

Here were some of the answers.


I work at a company which will remain nameless that gets rid of commercials in sports bars and now in the home, replacing it with endless amounts of media customizable by the consumer. My job as quality control is to push a button on an iPad when ESPN for example switches to commercial from the program, which triggers the change in all restaurants/bars using the service. (btw every Dave and Busters in the nation uses our program)

I get paid to watch ESPN and push a button on an iPad.



Hope You Had No Emergency

I used to be an E-911 call tester for a large service provider in the US. Literally drive cell tower to cell tower calling 911 making sure it all routes to the correct emergency services. You'd be surprised at how many times it would fail...


Adventure In The Great Wide Somewhere

I used to build hiking trails. A lot of people assume they just are naturally formed or something, but that's the goal of a good trail builder.


I work in a national park and I got told that building a trail can cost up to 10k per kilometer. I also heard that in other national parks, the price for one kilometer can go up to 40k and even higher. People don't realise that trails are actually quite a huge investment for something made out of dirt


Sensory Overload

I'm a flavorist. We basically create or duplicate flavors using chemicals, extracts, oils, etc. Food processing destroys a lot of natural flavors so it's our job to make sure the food tastes the way it should (I.E: Products that say "made with real cheese" taste so good because of cheese flavoring not because there's a small amount of cheese in there). You think you know how something tastes until someone asks you to duplicate it for them...


Down Down Down

I'm a commercial diver, I do underwater construction/ salvage /inspection. People don't think about it, but pretty much any job that requires something be done underwater we get a call. It's loads of fun and the pay is great!!


Tower Of Terror'd

I use to answer calls from people stuck in an elevator all over the US. You would push the button thinking you were calling someone in the building. Nope you were getting some person in a Texas call center.

Edit: When it wasn't stuck elevator patrons. It was service calls. Here is a fun call I just remembered about. The guy on the phone was one of my supervisors.


To Blend It In

I paint corporate scenery. Corporate scenery is EVERYWHERE, but it's designed to be unobtrusive. Whenever there's a stage at a conference, or a trade show, or product release, or an ad shoot, they hire a scene shop to build and paint their specific design.

For a high-profile example, my shop built and I stained the wood for the Ubisoft stage at E3 2019.

Pretty much anyone can slap a coat of paint on a wall, my specific skill is needed to mix exact brand color matches, paint logos onto things, and when the work is going to be seen right up close I can do really high finish work to make it totally clean and perfect and give them the exact sheen/surface quality the designer specifies.


A Horse Is A Horse

My mom is a horse braider, not a breeder but a braider. She braids horses manes and tails for horse shows, it's quite lucrative as people who own horses know, everything to do with horses is expensive.


Falsely Fresh

Not the only thing I did at the job, but definitely the weirdest.

I worked at a Grocery Store last winter, right around Christmas time. I had to sprinkle dirt on the potatoes in the produce section to make them look freshly picked.

Then the customers would get home and erase all my hard work.


Technicians Everywhere

This isn't a funny one really, but I used to work in clubs/venues doing lighting and other tech work. On club nights, I'd be operating the lighting rig and people would come knock on my booth window and think I'm the DJ. They, and people I'd meet who ask what I do for work, would usually say "oh I always thought it's just a computer or something"

I mean it is, but I tell it what to do.



Real Time Spy

I'm a Google spy. I'm on my phone and out and about all day. Subways, museums, airports, and downtown areas. I'm just walking around, staring at my phone. While collecting massive amounts of data - something like 5 GB an hour. I collect bluetooth access points, wifi hotspots, your router, everything.

Then it's used to make Google Maps more efficient.

So next time that casual dude is tapping away on his cellphone.... he is likely recording the Mac addresses of all wifi capable devices in the surounding 50 meter area. :)


Hidden Costs

Title research. Anytime someone buys real estate we research the history to make sure there aren't any lines that will effect new loans on the property. If you've bought real estate our fees are just a line item figured into the closing costs that you never notice.


Science To The Rescue

I look at pieces of tissue under the microscope to provide diagnoses on biopsies and surgical specimen. Few people know that practically all cancer diagnoses are done this way, by someone looking at the cells and going : "yeah, this looks like cancer."



I sell private murder mystery events.

I learn about your event (birthday party, corporate event, holiday party, etc. ) and then I send out trained actors to perform an interactive murder mystery.

It's literally such a killer job.



Mister Blood Doctor

I work in a hospital lab. Most people assume I just draw blood, while I'm trained to draw blood, I haven't done it in over a year. I run the tests that are done in the lab and make sure the results are accurate, which requires education, reasoning skills and knowing how to work on/maintain very expensive instruments since a lot of tests are moving towards automation. The lab is also who gets called whenever a nurse has questions about what results mean and what the criteria is for specimens.


It's Like Making A Trail

I'm a routesetter. I basically put pieces of plastic on a wall and then people pull on them in an activity known as "indoor rock climbing."

It's a bit more complicated than that, of course. More complicated than I'm usually able to explain to strangers who come up to me while I'm on the clock and ask "How do you set stuff?" Don't get me wrong, I'd enjoy talking to you about something you seem interested in, but it's not something I can easily describe in a sentence or two


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