Life-Changing Purchases People Have Made For Under $100

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We all need a helping hand or a little boost every once in a while, and fortunately, we can buy ourselves some game-changers for pretty affordable prices.

But we might still be surprised at just how much money we can save on something that will make our lives better.

Redditor Floozerz pointed this out when they asked:

"What life-changing purchase can you make with less than $100?"

Dentist-Quality Brushing

"An electric toothbrush, it's a game changer. I'm actually excited to brush my teeth now."

"Also, the waterpik. Add that with the Sonicare and it feels like you came back from the dentist every time!"

- ThatsRobToYou

Luxurious Showers

"A new showerhead, especially if you rent. It’s so easy to upgrade a basic, low-quality shower into a decent or even luxurious daily experience."

- Freshies00

A Pillow Made of What?

"A good pillow. I went buckwheat, and I'll never go back."

"They stay gloriously cool, and bonus points for winning every pillow fight ever for the rest of eternity. Those things have some mass to them."

- Notacop9

Prepared on the Go

"Auto-related, but:"

"A portable air compressor for your car that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Never visit the gas station again to put air, digital display, stops when it’s at the desired PSI."

"A battery jump box. You'll never need to find a stranger to jump a dead battery with. Just turn it on, connect cables, and start the car."

"Traction pads for when you’re stuck in winter snow or ice. Put it under the wheels, slowly drive over it to gain traction, get out, and place the pads back in the trunk."

"Silicone wiper blades. You’ll never need to buy another pair ever again. I recommend PIAA Si-Tech, NOT their Super Silicone line."

"A dash-cam. Concrete proof that an accident was not your fault, worth its weight in gold."

- JRocMaf*kaNomsayin

A Good Air Compressor

"I just got an air compressor. No more hand pumps to fill the kids' bike tires or sports balls, and I can fill my tire pressure at home. Can’t believe I didn’t buy one sooner."

- nBrainwashed

Kitchen Appliances

"An air fryer. The amount of time saved by not waiting for the oven to preheat, the energy efficiency, the speed of cooking."

- PeteGraffe

Appliances for Pets

"An automated pet feeder. It takes a two-times-per-day chore down to once every few weeks refilling the whole thing."

"Plus, I always know he’s been fed the right amount, same time every day, even if I’m running late somewhere or I feel like sleeping in."

- sjjdhdhfhf

Did We Mention Kitchen Appliances?

"My rice cooker changed my diet and lifestyle when I had one. Usually, the best ones are around $100, but for basic stuff, you don't need anything special."

- roguepixels89

An Irreplaceable Pan

"A nice frying pan with nonstick coating and a heat-safe handle… and a nice pot with a heat-safe handle and pouring cutout so you don’t spill liquids all over the place."

- tooshiestyforu

More Meals, Less Waste

"A food saver! Nothing is freezer burned in my freezer. I have recouped the cost 5x over at this point."

- Keryia111

A Home Orchard

"Plant a couple of apple trees... You'll get years of entertainment caring for them and watching them grow. The first apple you eat off of them will amaze you."

"I ended up planting 15 trees: 10 bought and 5 grafted myself. I bought some apple rootstock and then went on Facebook and joined a scion wood exchange group. The scion wood is around $3 a piece, and the rootstock was $6 a piece."

"I now have Sommerset Red Streak, Honeycrisp, Ambrosia, Empire, Wolf River, Golden Delicious, Belle de Boskoop, Golden Russet, Pink Pearl, Pendragon (x2), Dolgo crab, Kingston Black, and two random crab trees I'm going to graft next year."

"I also planted a peach tree, two cherry trees, four hazelnut trees, and two heartnut trees."

- minimumsquirrel

Improved Health

"A gym membership. Never underestimate the benefit of working out and doing cardio."

- LesChatsVerts

Convenient Beauty

"For those who do their make up on a regular basis: a led lighted mirror is a real game changer."

- RandomFrenchGal

A Good Shave

"A good shave soap, splash, balm, and brush. It makes shaving enjoyable."

"And don't forget a nice razor."

- PandaMayFire

An Improved Mindset

"Audible. Improve your mind/mindset and watch your life improve."

- No_Communication6112

Though none of these items were all that expensive on their own, their long-term positive impact on each of these Redditors made the already affordable purchase all the more practical.

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