Fam. Weighted blankets.

If you (or your kids - I see you, exhausted parents) struggle to stay asleep at night, weighted blankets might be a game changer for you. We got one for our 1-year-old after a week of her waking up at 4AM for baby jam sessions.

Best $31.99 we have ever spent. Ever.

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The holidays are coming up. Do you need gift ideas?

Of course you do! It's always hard to know what to buy, especially if you are someone who doesn't value material possessions as much as the next person. So getting practical, cheap purchases is quite a way to get a good gift for someone.

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Retail therapy is a thing for a reason. In a capitalistic culture, we get used to using money as a means for comfort. So we think, let me buy some "comfort" food. Let me buy this new video game, because I deserve it. Ooh, this hat is cute. Buying this will make everything better.

But sometimes the usefulness of a purchase actually outlasts the simple thrill of just buying it.

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Money is NOT the root of all evil. It can be arduous and it can cause extremely difficult situations but it can also make life far more comfortable and stress free. Money can't buy you class, humanity or truth but it can buy you happiness... even the simple. superficial.

Redditor u/Dougyparker wanted to some truths about having cold hard cash that we're always wondering by asking.... What have you purchased that disproves the old adage "Money can't buy happiness"?

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Ever experience buyer's remorse? I know I have. Impulsive, unnecessary, and overall stupid purchases can be the bane of anyone's bank account. But your's probably is nowhere near as bad as these Redditors.

u/victoriwnl asked: What are some dumb purchases you made?

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