People Confess Which Things They Falsely Believed As A Kid

Ah to be young and carefree and not have a worry in the world.

So to be a kid, and have innocence and trust; those are the days.

Remember when our brains allowed us to think so much in life was real?

Or our imaginations saw honest truth in facade?

How dumb were we?

RedditorGeneral_Cow_7119wanted to know what lies we fell for in our youth.

They asked:

"What did you falsely believe as a kid?"

There is so much to learn as we grow.

Swiss or Cheddar?

"I watched a lot of Wallace and Gromit and actually thought the moon was made out of cheese."


"Man, that episode made me cry. I wanted that robot to live his dream of skiing so badly. (Like he does eventually, but when they blast off and leave him I was in tears first time watching)."


cheese GIFGiphy

The "Catch"

"I was curious and had inquired about the concept of medicine. Parents rightfully told me that if I took medicine and wasn't sick, it could make me sick. My young brain morphed that into something more literal, I thought you would 'catch' whatever sickness the medicine was made to treat if you took it while healthy."

"Sneak one of mom's high-blood-pressure pills? Bang, you've now got high blood pressure for life. Cold medicine? Yep, now you have a cold."


In Bermuda

"That the Bermuda Triangle was way more deadly than it is. My stepdad was in the Navy and had a cruise that went through it. I was legitimately afraid his ship would be sunk and no trace ever found."


"Yep. Turns out it's exactly as deadly as... any other busy seaway. Then any time a flight is delayed or a boat spends a few extra days out on the water."

"They get added to the count of people who 'went missing' in the Bermuda Triangle. Even though they... then show up, not even all that long later. You've basically got one incident of people refusing to believe their equipment and getting lost, and suddenly we think the place can contain anything from aliens to Skeletor."


So Many Years to Go

"You die when you turn 100. I was so afraid of attending funerals but took comfort in the fact that my great grandpa wouldn't turn 100 until I was in my 20s, so I could move away and not get back in time for the funeral. Also that since I was born at 10:56 PM that I would be asleep when I died since that was a really late time of day. Then my great grandpa had a heart attack and died when I was 8 and I was really confused."


Watch Out

"That yellow lights turned on when they detected dangerous conditions, like an erratic driver or nearing pedestrians. I thought this because my parents said that the yellow light meant to 'watch out,' without further clarification."


light nestor the long eared christmas donkey GIF by Warner ArchiveGiphy

Yellow mean slow down. Take a breath.


"Thought my mom makes the best mushroom soup in the world and it's her recipe. Then found out it was just Campbell."


Liar Disbelief GIFGiphy


"I used to see those signs around stores that said, 'Shoplifters will be prosecuted.' I didn't know what shoplifting meant. I figured it was like weightlifting with the entire store building as the weight. I pictured big, burly, bald men that liked to go around heaving store buildings overhead, grunting and red-faced."

"I was afraid someone would try do it while we were out shopping. I once pointed out some big muscular guy in a store and whispered to my mother that he must be one of those shoplifters. She shushed me."



"I believed we could reincarnate as everything. I do mean everything. For example, I thought people could reincarnate as TVs and wondered if my TV was a person in its previous life and if it could see me watching it. I like to consider I was a pretty smart kid, so no idea why TF I believed that."


Who Cares...

"I never actually believed in the tooth fairy I literally thought a dentist came into our house at night and did that tooth fairy stuff."


"My mother and aunt nearly crap themselves, when aged 6, I asked for them to search for the tooth fairy's address and phone number on google. Luckily the first article that came up, said the tooth fairy was homeless and too broke and I, as a child had too little empathy to care."



"I thought teachers lived at the school."


"Both my parents were teachers so I thought all adults got summertime off forever just like kids. Boy was I disappointed when I found out that wasn't the case."


Canadian Comedy GIF by CBCGiphy

Flawless logic...

"Shadows had to be made of something right? You could see them, therefore they had to be made of... stuff. Flawless logic. I vaguely remember picking at the edge of one trying to peel it off."


"Oh!! Did you watch Peter Pan as a kid? They do that. He tries to stick his shadow back to him with soap. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I used to always try to run away from my shadow so I would have to stick it back on. It never worked, though!!"


Viva Italia...

"3 of my grandparents moved to the US from Italy, and everyone they knew were either Italian immigrants or Italian-Americans raised by immigrants. Growing up around so many older folks speaking with heavy Italian accents and random intermittent Italian words in conversation, I just assumed until the age of 7 that when you got old, you just started sounding Italian after a while, like your baby accent falling out and your adult Italian accent growing in."


Tired of Questions...

"I was three or four years old. I was out with my dad, and we came across a person missing their leg. It was probably an amputee. I asked my dad what happened to their leg. Him probably being tired of all my questions, just said, that it had broken off. A few months later I broke my leg in kindergarten, and freak out at the doctor's office. Because I was convinced it was going to fall off."


Monster Breathing

"That there was a horrible monster growling all night outside in the dark beyond my room. It was my dad snoring."


Drunk Hangover GIF by HollyoaksGiphy

Ways to Watch

"Radio stations had the bands performing live each time the song was played."


"I used to think this for television, that whenever a movie was playing, the actors would come and perform it live. I distinctly remember all week they advertised Charlie and the Chocolate Factory starring Johnny Depp would be the Saturday night movie and I just thought 'Wow, that's so nice of him to go out of his way to perform for us like this.'"


“get them”

"That the guard in every mall will arrest a loud child."


"As a former retail employee, I wish parents would stop telling their kids that shop employees or staff will 'get them' if they’re bad. Guess who those kids WON’T seek out if they get lost or separated from their parents?"



"I thought divorced couples had to swap partners with other divorced couples. To be fair, my only experience with divorce was a friend who’s parents did just that, divorced, swapped partners and then both remarried, leaving the kids in the family as 'double' step siblings and sharing the same 4 parents."



"Blowing and popping bubbles was slowly adding clean air to the world. Thought I was saving the world one bubble at a time."


sesame street bubbles GIFGiphy

Maybe he is?

"That Hitler was Russian. I grew up in the 1980s during the Cold War, a time when every single evil movie or TV show character was invariably Russian, so of course my impressionable child mind just assumed that such a despicable human being just had to be Russian."


Ah, to be young and full of hope. And believe anything.

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