I haven't been on a dating app since pre-Covid.

And just the thought of it gives me a stomach ache.

I have no time for nonsense.

State your business or go.

Yeah... I've been destined to die single.

Let's go back to meeting in person.

Redditor LuckyC1723wanted to hear what the immediate big turn offs when dating online.

They asked:

"When it comes to dating apps, what is an automatic 'pass' for you?"

I hold a great disdain for the darting apps in general. But this should be good.

Use your words...

Swiping Season 2 GIF by NBCGiphy

"Single word replies to everything with no effort to make conversation. If you weren't interested, why TF did you match."


Let's Learn

"A profile that's just a list of demands. 'Don't be this, don't do this, spend money on me, do this, do that, etc.'"


"Same. I want to learn about you. I'm supposed to be seeing if I'm interested in you by reading this thing. That said, I'm expected to make my profile about me so you can decide if you're interested in me."

"Anyone who has a list of rules about me pisses me off. One because it's obvious you're crazy demanding. Two, it signals you have no personality of your own to talk about. Three, you can't follow simple instructions! It's ok to include some stuff about what you look for in a partner but 'demands a no-go.'



"Talk too much about who they want and not enough about who they are."


"Yes! 100% agree. You don't have to declare what you're looking for in detail, you decide that yourself by who you like or reply to or whatever. The purpose of your profile should be to describe yourself."


"Well tbh I don’t talk about who I am in my profile because I don’t like someone telling me they’re funny or witty or loyal either. Those are things you prove. Show me your character traits and show me your humor. Don’t tell me about them."


Cuz your so special?

"People who behave like they're too good for you. Instant no."


"It looks like setting expectations to me. Lots of people would probably be disappointed or angry if the messages stop or are sporadic, so it's only polite to let them know."

"People don't owe you shaping their daily lives around consistently messaging you. The expectation that they do reeks of insecurity."

"There are people who do truly feel and act as if they're 'better than you' in that way. I just wanted to point out that most of the time it's just a disclaimer."


Entertain Me

Over It Wow GIF by The Comeback HBOGiphy

"Don't be boring."


"Basically saying 'got noting interesting to offer so I will need you to be the interesting one and do the heavy lifting in this relationship.'"


I'm about to give up. The memories are flooding back.


no thank you do not want GIF by Music ChoiceGiphy

“'I’m actually 20, I don't know why it says 24. lol.'”

"Or something to that effect."


Not Best

"'If you can't handle me at my worst.....' swipe left..."


"It particularly sucks because in some way, the quote is true. People will not always be at their best. Sometimes their worst will come out even if it is only 2% of the time only for their partner to leave and say they want nothing to do with it (obviously excluding abusive behaviors) because they want you to be 100% happy, cheerful and joyful at all times."


Oh Girl Please

"Calling themselves an 'alpha."


"If you have to TELL PEOPLE you're an alpha... you're not an alpha. Self-identified alphas are just men with weak egos and no real personality trying to prop themselves up with things they think make them attractive."

"'Alpha male' concept is also BS."



"A blank profile that doesn't say anything about them. Like an IG or snapchat handle... that's it. And then you go to their IG and it's private and their bio is something like 'Not here often follow me on snapchat' and you go to their snapchat and it's like 'Not here often. Subscribe to my only fans' then you go to their onlyfans and... it goes on and on and on."


Ok Bundy

Hannibal Lecter Killer GIFGiphy

"Those serial killer pics. You know, when you’re sitting and staring down at the camera and for some reason you’re sitting in the car or a basement, not smiling and you took like five pics in a row and uploaded all of them."


pay up...

"People who brag about paying their own bills like it isn’t already something you’re supposed to be doing."


"I didn’t put this in my bio but I’m not even out of college and that’s true for me. For most in my area that is an achievement to pay my own bills and to be on my own without any college debt or help from parents. Considering where I came from growing up I’m pretty proud of all of that."


"I pay my bills my bills are paid."



“'Aspiring milf' I swear every time I swipe I see at least five of these, come up with some original to put in a bio at least like damn."


"I don't get the hate? Assuming it's serious (and they'd 'stick to it') that's basically saying 'I want to have kids and don't want to let myself go after settling down.' That seems pretty in line with what I'd want. What, other than it being too common, makes it a problem."


Just Half

"Thinking smoking weed is a personality trait."


"Same applies to alcohol. If 80% of your "best" pictures involve a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, that tells me enough about you to swipe left."


"This. So much. I don't care if they partake of the devil's lettuce but stop treating it like it's your whole persona."


"I also hate it when people think that traveling, eating, and working out, makes you special. *itch everyone likes to eat food and everyone would travel the world if they had daddy’s money."



Bored Episode 15 GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

"Condescension. Focus on what they don’t want/like instead of what they do. Lack of effort in writing their bio. Zoomed in pictures of abs."



"I’m in a happy relationship currently, but any use of the language 'high/low value male/female.'"


"This and the alpha beta talk for guys. My God sometimes I forget what year it is."


"It's hilarious. The alpha/beta stuff was debunked and doesn't even apply to the wolves it was originally based on, let alone humans with completely different social dynamics."


Who are you?

"When they have so many filters and only close up shots from the chin up."


"All my friends use SOOO many filters and I refuse to use any... and I throw full body shots on there that are super unflattering so you know exactly what I look like on a bad day lol I'm not trying to fool anyone, you either accept my fat butt on low effort days as well as when I feel like a 10 or you can keep swiping lol."


Just Go

Cartoon Goodbye GIF by Scooby-DooGiphy

"If any statement includes 'if you can't handle,' nah, I'm out. Because if she can't handle me at my most selective, then she doesn't deserve me at my most openminded. Also, demanding that you be original while her profile is exactly the same as 99% of other women's profiles, f**k that."


"If you can't handle me at my Scoobiest, you don't deserve my Doobiest."



"When they start listing what they don't want, stuff like 'don't talk to me if you're under 6'0' tall."


"I've seen that a couple of times before. Even though I'm over 6 foot I don't bother with them. I could do without that kind of arrogance in my life."

"I get that for some people it is a deal breaker even though it doesn't really matter (I have a few dealbreakers like that myself that I wish I didn't have) but to put it in such a way just shows you're a bit of a twat."


And on top of this we have to worry about monkeypox? Forget it.

Do you have things that make you instantly want to swipe left? Let us know in the comments.

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