People Explain Which Illegal Activities Everyone Does Openly Without Consequences
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Unpaid internships during summer's off from college are largely viewed as a right of passage.

But in most cases, they weren't exactly legal.

For-profit companies can, in fact, only hire unpaid interns if they are the "primary beneficiary" of the experience, i.e. not making coffee runs or spending the whole day at the copy machine, as most interns do.

Shockingly, many companies still continue to hire unpaid interns, knowing full well they are breaking the law by doing so.

But then, some people have no problem knowingly breaking the law, and worse still, they often get away with it.

Redditor Diligent-Log6805 was curious to learn about other illegal activities continue to happen without anyone seeming to notice, leading them to ask:

"What is illegal, but people continue to do openly without consequences?

Making the long haul even longer.

"Hauling more than the legal weight limit in dump trucks."

"I did a project a few years ago for my former employer because they noticed ALL the contractors that they hired were carrying more than the legal weight limit."

"This is a big issue because these trucks have increased stopping distances and are more likely to injure/kill people in the cars they hit."

"My company was pissed because they didn't want to be legally responsible if there were an accident."

"They had me analyze how much it would cost to buy a fleet of dump trucks, but it turns out you can't make much money hauling at the legal limit, so all dump trucks carry like twice the limit and just take the fines when weigh stations are open because it is WAY cheaper."

"Pretty messed up."

"Honestly, I felt like I did humanity a disservice telling them it wouldn't be worth it."

"If you ever get hit by a dump truck you can almost certainly sue them for being above the weight limit, but nobody really knows this."

"This depends on the legal weight limits in your region, but I know this to be true for most of the Northeast US."- tehipite_tom

Not everyone is deserving of a raise...

"Tell their employees they can’t talk about their wages with coworkers."- bowlofjello

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Making the market even more volatile...

"Insider trading."- CremeDeLaNut

Don't people care about the environment?

"Littering."- MyWorkAccountMSA

Seriously, what can be so urgent?

"I see at least 3 red lights run on a daily basis."- Podoboo322

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People are distracted even when they're walking

"People driving while on their phone."- Elettra_of

Sadly, seems like it's the American way...

"Politicians accepting bribes."- Patron_of_Wrath

Reserve with caution

"AirBnB, in a lot of places."- leadfoot9

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More expensive than I thought...

"Use Tax."

"Where I live, if you buy something in another state without sales tax, but bring it back to your home state, you have to send your home state the tax you 'should have' paid if bought locally."

"Even if it's pants."

"Let me get right on that..."- prof_dorkmeister

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