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Hailee Steinfeld, the star of the new Transformers prequel, Bumblebee, attended the film's premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre. The young woman was turning heads in her designer dress, and not just because she looked great in it. Well, see for yourself.

She was absolutely rocking it!

Some fans seemed a little confused.

The dress, designed by Balmain, is a black and white mini wrapped in a white cage. The design is like something out of Tron, wrapped in a 3-D printed skeleton. The mishmash of '80s nostalgia combined with a modern futurism represents the movie well, considering Bumblebee is a prequel to the Transformers franchise and takes place in 1987.

Steinfeld's appearance at the premiere wasn't just for the new movie. Afterward, she was treated to a surprise party for her 22nd birthday, complete with a cake and singing.

This isn't the first Balmain dress worn by the young star. At the premiere of the film in Berlin, she wore a body-sculpting dress with poofy shoulders and some very bold, lace-up boots.

In Bumblebee, Stanfield stars as Charlie Watson, a young girl who discovers the titular alien robot and helps him elude the evil Decepticons and the government. The film also stars John Cena, Angela Basset, and Justin Theroux. It premieres December 21, 2018.

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