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Men want things too, you know.

There are things men hold dear to their heart which they feel they can't always discuss. Whatever societal standards are placed on men is something they deal with individually, but there can feel like a bit of undue pressure for men to not say what's on their minds. Thankfully, the internet has (for better or worse) allowed men to open, be honest, and say what's on their mind.

Reddit user, u/direwolfey, wanted to find out women's wants when they asked:

What as a guy do you wish girls knew?

To start with the little things it's easy to overlook that are important to men, never underestimate the importance of silence or a quick compliment.

Enjoy The Silence

"Just because I'm not talking, doesn't mean I'm not enjoying my time with you."


"I knew I was going to marry my now wife when I realized that the "awkward" silences in our relationship weren't awkward. We can be completely tuned into each other without talking. Nothing is more reassuring in our relationship that when we're just quietly hanging out and she just leans against me."


We Like To Feel Wanted, Too

"Men love being the target of a romantic gesture. Many men never have been."


"I got asked out on a date once, 6 years ago."

"I still recount it for the occasional serotonin boost."


The Randomness Keeps It Alive

"We like random gifts, we like random hugs, we like random signs of affection and love - sometimes just a cup of coffee in my favourite mug is enough to convince me it's going to be a good day."


"Absolutely. My wife used to do little things like place her hand on the small of my back or touch my shoulder as she walked past, these tiny acts of affection really do go a long way and they're the main thing I miss"


Notice Anything Different About Me?

"We actually really want to be complimented too. A 60 year old women complimented me 5 years ago and it still makes me feel good, which just shows how little we get compliments."


It's always good to have a nice laugh at yourself. However, in a relationship, it can feel like humor is making a mockery of the relationship when that's the furthest from the truth, if these stories have any weight to them.

It's Hot!

"Get away from me at night in the summertime, I still love you. I'm just hot as f**k and don't want to snuggle."


"My GF was sleeping on me last weekend and my mind was screaming GET OFF ME WOMAN HOW ARE YOU UNDER A BLANKET IN THIS HEAT. Anyway I know not to wake a sleeping demon so I let her be"


No One Knows Where They Want To Eat Ever

"We don't know where we want to eat either."


"I tell every woman I date, if you don't make a decision, we're getting tacos. If we get tacos 20 times in a row, so be it. I love tacos."


A Bit Chilly Out, Isn't It?

"About the shrinkage. Sometimes it hides like a frightened turtle."




The Dream Lives On

"I want real knight armor for my birthday but I'm not allowed to say so because society forces me to hide it"


"Just get some swords and hang them on the wall around your house as a hint. She'll get it eventually if she truly understands you."


Then there are these, the critical bits of importance to men, the wants and needs that men hold deep down inside of themselves which only bubble to the surface when they feel truly safe to share.

Just Be Up Front With Us

"We aren't great with hints. Communication is king."


"Subtle hints don't work. STRONG hints don't work either. Just say it."


No. Really. I Don't Mind.

"When I say "I don't mind", I really mean it. If I did mind, I would say so."


"anytime my boyfriend would say "i don't mind" and i'd keep asking "Are you sure?" and after a while he legit said this exact thing to me."

"it honestly made my paranoid ass feel a million time better to be assured like that"


Don't Ask Me What I'm Thinking About Unless You Want To Know

"If I'm laying in bed with someone, just enjoying the moment together, I should be able to just enjoy the moment and let my mind drift to wherever it's going. If you want to talk about the future of the relationship or something, that's great and we can do that if you start that conversation, but if you ask me out of the blue what I'm thinking about, and I say Bolbi's "Slap slap slap" song from Jimmy Neutron, then you shouldn't get mad at me just because it's not the thing they wanted me to be thinking about! Just tell me you want to talk about the relationship and we can do that!"


"When we say we're thinking about nothing, the majority of the time it literally is just nothing or ridiculous scenarios that we make up that sound stupid when said out loud"


Men's inner thoughts and desires are important, too. Keep an open mind and listen to what they want. You might learn something fascinating.

Like how important knight armor is to them.

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