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People Explain Which Things Aren't Exactly Torture But Sure Feel Like It
Photo by Sarah Wolfe on Unsplash

We liken too many things to "actual" torture.

We're spoiled and entitled and most of us couldn't handle real torture.

But we are who we are.

So let's discuss all the things that give us massive discomfort.

One Redditor wanted to discuss the things that cause us stress and a touch of ouch. They asked:

"What isn’t torture but feels like it is?"
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People Explain Which Communities May Seem Nice From The Outside But Are Incredibly Toxic
Photo by Jules D. on Unsplash

Don't you hate it when you get deceived by something pretty?

Like... "fooled you."

Those are the thoughts you get when you grab a rose and a bee jumps out and stings you.

Every group or community has its bees.

Or the more you learn about said groups you realize it's one big beehive.

Nothing is ever really the same from the outside in.

Redditor dragon_barf_junction wanted to know how we can avoid the toxicity of others by making a list. They asked:

"What community seems really nice from the outside, but is actually really toxic?"
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