There is so much truth left in this world yet to be uncovered.

In an attempt to puzzle out some of those things, Reddit user  SomeGuyOnInternet_ asked:

What hasn't been explained by science yet?

Some of the answers were absolutely mind-bending.

The Bare Necessities

Why we need to sleep. We can't figure it out entirely. All we really know is that if you don't sleep, you will die.

Edit: Guys. Saying you can't die from not sleeping is like saying you can't die from diabetes. The diabetes isn't what kills you, it's things like your kidneys shutting down that kill you. If you do not sleep for days and days you will die as a result of that. ThatsBushLeague

What's The Matter?

Why is the universe made of matter? At the beginning, when the energy of the big bang started to coalesce into matter, there should have been an equal amount of matter and antimatter created. Instead, there was more matter formed than antimatter. There still isn't an answer as to why. It's called the Charge Parity Violation problem. redditingatwork31

Sara Bareilles Might Be Confused


We know it works. We know how much an object generates based on it's mass. We know how objects interact based on their mass due to gravity. However we still cannot explain gravity itself. Byizo

Being Alive

Its truely a mind blower just thinking about consciousness, it really gets my existential juices flowing.

If god doesnt exist, then we are literally just a cosmic ball of random particles that spent an unimaginable amount of interacting with each other until it became self aware...Life was created out of nothing.

If god does exist, I believe that if we begin to understand consciousness, then we will begin to understand god. We have prayers to communicate to him, but to upgrade from carrier pigeon to fiber opt, consciousness is that pathway. Might even be able to get a message received Dec 4th 7:20pm. BeautifulRock


Deep Sea Mysteries

Super late, but eels. Eels have never been observed reproducing. We know they migrate to the Sargasso Sea, which is near the Bermuda Triangle, and it is assumed they breed here.

But as far as why they migrate and how they reproduce, we only have conjecture. It's actually super interesting to learn about, they're a very interesting animal. bigfatwaluweewee


All Over Again

Deja Vu. Everybody gets it and yet there is no reasonable explanation for it. lenerz

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Dark matter.

Turns out there's not enough visible mass in the universe to explain why the visible stuff is distributed the way it is. Just by way of example, our galaxy is spinning so fast that it ought to fly apart if there's only as much of it as we can see in the form of stars. There has to be a lot more, like ten times as much.

Some of that extra mass has been identified in intergalactic space, in the form of hot filaments of gas stretching between galaxies. But there still has to be more! Another theory is WIMPs: Weakly-Interactive Massive Particles. High-mass particles that don't interact with other particles electromagnetically, but only through gravity.

It's fascinating. I_throw_socks_at_cat


Mental Mysteries

On a personal note, depression (and my guess is a lot of other mental disorders). Sometimes it can be tied to a chemical imbalance, and sometimes it's genetic(still doesn't explain where it comes from in the first place), and sometimes it just happens. Some antidepressants work for some people that don't work for others, some forms of therapy are better for some than others.

For something that is so common, we have a pretty weak understanding of prevention or treatment.

We're Here, But Why?

How does something come from nothing? How is it that existence came to be? By all logic, and with our current understanding of the universe, our very existence is (or, should be) impossible. And this applies to all theories on how the universe came to be. Big Bang? Well, how did the particles causing it come into existence? God? Well, how did God come into existence? And so forth. There's no explanation for why existence, well, exists. PM_NUDES_4_DOG_PICS

Going Under

Anesthesia. Despite using it all the time and being able to predict its affects, we really have no idea how or why it works. DA_KING_IN_DA_NORF 


The Big Bang Theory

In all the interviews Ive heard with quantum physicists and astrophysicists, they always are saying that based on everything we know and everything we hypothesize, the Big Bang couldnt possibly have happened for any reason. Time itself began with the Big Bang, which is what is required for cause-and-effect. The Big Bang was the initial cause, and since nothing happened before it in terms of the dimension of time, it couldnt have possibly had a cause itself apparently. So what they say is that all the math shows that there couldnt possibly have been any reason whythe Big Bang occurred - it just happened. But because we are human, and live constantly amidst time and evolved within time, we cannot process the concept of an effect having no cause. The idea is that why itself is a human construct due to our experience of time, which is really just a variable that can exist or not exist depending on the dimensions you are in. leiphos


Sixth Sense

That feeling you get when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up - something wrong is about to happen and you know it. UbaGob

Model Behavior

Why electrons act differently when they are observed compared to when they aren't being observed...shifty lil particles they are. myotheraccountsRfckd

Humankind Origins

How life began on earth, the transformation of inorganic material to organic material. Jammertal17


The Simplest Things

Bicycles. I s**t you not, we still don't know how bikes work. qwerty11111122

Are You Cold?

The shivers you occasionally get while peeing...nobody knows what causes it. Chrissmith98x

Scary Thoughts

Spontaneous human combustion. A bizarre concept; bursting into flames and melting into nothing within seconds without harming anything around you. Liberallytheworst


Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Why we are dreaming and how it works. 

What We All Want To Know

Is there life after death?

Some people believe that reincarnation is a case of going round and round and round different lives, without any knowledge or memory of the previous one.

Sometimes there's a glitch. Some of the reincarnation stories are fascinating, like young families visiting somewhere they've never been before only for their five year old son to be able to accurately identify the location of a blacksmith's shop up a country lane which has been derelict since 1905.  longtimelurkerfirs

Speed Demons

Quantum entanglement, we sorta know how it works, but have no clue why it works. Nothing is supposed to be able to travel faster than the speed of light so how can entangled particles react to each other across any distance instantly? scubasteave2001


The 'Where' Vs. The 'Why'

The base physics behind what actually imparts position.

Sure we can explain probabilities, things that alter position, but nothing that explains why something has a position and what anchors it or it's probabilities to space or a field. escaping_darkness

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