People Explain Which Gender Stereotypes They Absolutely Despise

People Explain Which Gender Stereotypes They Absolutely Despise
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Gender is a construct--meaning that the gender roles which people occupy in everyday society are exclusively constructed by human beings. Frogs don't observe these rules, cats don't observe these rules, but humans do--and with those rules come a whole lot of stereotypes.

Redditor BodybuilderScary asked:

"What's one gender stereotype that you absolutely despise??"

Here were some of those answers.

A Parent In His Own Right

"As a dad, if I'm with my daughter I'm 'babysitting.' No, I'm parenting. She's my child."


"Along this line, I (as a dad) just called to make a doctors appointment for my kids. The receptionist confirmed everything and said, 'Ok sir, and when your wife takes them to the appointment make sure she brings...' Really peeved me that I'm the one making the call and the arrangements and she assumes I won't be at the appointment."



"I'm a woman and do most minor work on my car myself. I use the shop that I do for inspections and oil changes specifically because the manager doesn't play games with me."

"Well, one inspection my favorite manager wasn't there. His employee thought it would be a good idea to tell me my rotors failed and try to sell me new brakes and rotors. I thanked him and headed straight to the auto parts store for rotors never thinking this shop would lie to me."

"Went home and realized there was nothing wrong with my rotors. Couldn't return the ones that I bought because I had opened them. Told the manager about it, showed him the old rotors, and got a bunch of free oil changes."


We Got Feelings Too

"Men not being able to show emotions. We're supposed to just bottle it all in until we drop dead in our 50's."


"I'm seeing this less and less in younger people. Even in high school, a lot of men i know have embraced their emotions and things seem to be making a turn for the better."


A Little Mall Excursion

"That all women love shopping, makeup, and salon visits."


"This one is funny, because I am a dude and any time I go shopping with a female friend or girlfriend they are always getting annoyed that I want to window shop and browse and they just want to get the hell out of the store lol."


Abuse Doesn't Discriminate

"I used to do (basically) in-home family therapy, and our whole team had to explain multiple times to the 'most experienced' therapist on the team that yes, women can be domestic abusers, too. No hun, assuming 'he must've started it, or done something to deserve it' sounds an awful lot like victim-blaming. She would've never accused a woman of having 'deserved it,' had the genders been reversed."


Not Feeling Like A Loser For Having A Partner

"I don't like that I'm expected to go get a girlfriend or wife. Like I can just run down to Costco and buy one. Finding someone you like who likes you back is hard enough let alone the effort a lasting relationship takes. Then you have to fit that into working all the time to support yourself."

"God forbid you have other issues like depression or anxiety that get in the way of being your best self to put out there for people.I'm not a failure, I'm trying my best and living in a society that makes you feel like a loser for that is incredibly taxing."


Giant Babies

"Basically that men are incompetent children that cannot take care of themselves. You see this played out so much on TV and it is frustrating when people just assume that you cannot actually cook or do laundry because that you are a guy. And also that playing sports means that you are as dumb as a post. Those are the ones that get me."


Being A Mom

"Women aren't complete unless they experience motherhood. Motherhood is not something that I ever want to experience. Firstly, I'm tokophobic, and secondly my dog pushes my limits every damn day. I can't even imagine how much worse an actual child would be."


Emotions Aren't For One Gender

"That women are emotional and men are rational. There are dudes who scream at their TV over a sports game and who'll mope all day if their team loses. Dudes who punch walls when they're upset. Dudes who are so butt-hurt about being rejected that they literally stalk or kill the woman who rejected them."

"I've been in workplaces where the guys are the gossipers who get snippy with each other and passive-aggressive. So whenever someone says that UgH wOmEn aRe So EmOtiOnAL, or whatever, I get as emotional as a dude in that I want to also punch a wall."

"Y'all are emotional too! And that's fine! Well, as long as you're dealing with it appropriately. Just stop making it seem like it's some bad thing that only women are! Stoicism or not remembering the last time you cried does not equal lack of emotion!"


Nothing Like A Public Health Crisis To Put This In Perspective

"That a man working in a nursing home, childcare, or any traditionally female work are doing so entirely out of desperation until something better comes along, and/or they are bad at those Jobs. I have worked in a nursing home for 12years and I enjoy it and people still expect me to be more embarrassed then if I were working almost any other job. Thankfully people don't seem as judgmental this last year. Or I haven't been around a lot of people."


Touch Me

"That men don’t like cuddling/non-sexual physical contact." ~ SuburbanSquare

"I'd experienced it before with other men, but I got a partner recently, and what he said in reaction to cuddling him and playing with his hair was that "'his is the highlight of this entire pandemic,' and it just shows how little men get cuddled sometimes." ~ sparklingdinosaur

Good Gosh

"That women who like working with kids have a maternal instinct, and men who like working with kids are suspicious. Good gosh, can’t people just be nice?"


"I took my younger sister out to have fun. After we ate lunch I got pulled over and apparently done lady thought I was a predator and took a kid."



"That you somehow have to choose between levels of 'masculinity.' I love working on cars, welding, baking, interior decorating... It doesn't have to be a binary choice!"


"My mom said I wasn't manly enough a while ago, so I bought a hot pink sweatshirt and (also hot pink) sweat pants that I'm wearing right now lol. (I'm male)"


Head of House

"That I, as a woman, needed to learn how to run a household for someone besides myself. When I was younger, my grandma would insist I'd need to learn young so I could manage things for my future family. As I got older, she came around to modern day thinking and kept pushing me to take over responsibilities, but for my own gain."


"That women are perpetually catty and shallow, and they always want a bf who's 7 feet tall, is super jacked, and is rolling in enough money to support their catty, shallow lifestyles."


"AnotherAviatrixAbsolutely this. Women are just people, and sometimes the people we need to speak to the most are our boyfriends, fathers, brothers, etc. If we are friends with other women, it's not just to witch about the men in our lives. We also need to connect with each other."

"We might just chill and talk about the things we're interested in, whether it's sci-fi, computers, cooking, gaming, knitting, etc. We have hobbies and interests too, ones we are usually more than happy to share with the men in our lives... because men are also just people. We're just people. That's all. I think I replied to the wrong comment... but whatever, I'll leave it."



"Gendered products. The belief that certain people can only buy and use things from some of the shelves in the store or they will be ostracised. Don't force preconceptions about who gets to enjoy your product."


Well, until just now...

"That men and women can't be friends. It's SO stupid. I've had/have 3 really good friends who are men."


"I am torn on this subject. While I do have women that I am friends with and would never date because they are in committed relationships I would be lying if I said the thought had never crossed my mind. Where as with my male friends I have never imagined being in a relationship with them. Well, until just now."



"I don’t like the stereotype that girls are not good at math. My daughter is a nuclear engineering PhD student and she hears a lot of sexist stuff from male students along those lines."


Blood Boil

"Anything along the lines of 'that's just how guys/girls/anyone in between or beyond are.' That's something only guys like to do. Something only girls like to watch. A man is strong. A woman is caring. My blood starts to boil if I just type it."



"That clothes are for certain genders. Karen I don’t give a rats ass that I am wearing a men’s jacket in the winter, I’m making sure my boobs aren’t freezing off. Doesn’t mean I am on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Same goes for guys. If Donnie Boy over there wants his balls swinging free in that skirt he’s free to do so. I DON’T CARE. As long as I’m not seeing bits and bob hanging out, I’m cool and so should you."


Stereotypes often trap people in places they don't fully understand.

Roles and human nature go against each other so often that these stereotypes have caused plenty of problems throughout society.

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