People Divulge The Dumbest Things Some Folks Actually Believe Are Real

People Divulge The Dumbest Things Some Folks Actually Believe Are Real
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Humans are the dumbest species.

It's a scientific fact!!

Ok, maybe not THE dumbest, but we're up there.

How many times have you stood there, jaw on the floor, in a conversation or listening to a conversation and you thought...

Do you hear you?

It's a scary world out there when you hear what other believe to be true.

Redditor SzyMeX335 wanted to hear about the shockingly stupid things people take as truth.

So they asked:

"What is the dumbest thing people actually thought is real?"

I have lost the thread when it comes to humans. We're dumb. The end.

That's Matt

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"When we went to see the Martian in theaters, at the end some woman behind us told her friend, “I can’t believe I missed this. When did this happen?'"



"I was told a great story by a friend who attended a town meeting addressing the locals 5G mast concerns. In attendance was a representative from the network company."

"A selection of people were permitted to take the mic and rant for hours about how they'd all been getting headaches, feeling more low than usual, flowers had been wilting, their dog wasn't himself, all manner of things blamed on 5G."

"Several hours later after everyone had their say and the crowd of hundreds had been whipped into a fever the company representative had his turn to speak and simply said 'thank you everyone for your comments but we haven't turned it on yet.'"


Bombing the Air

"'The rain follows the plow.' In the 1800s American West this was everywhere. The idea was that agriculture would bring rain and make farming super easy. Supposedly, when grasslands were turned into cultivated fields, the soil would release moisture into the air. Then human activity like factories or trains would make vibrations that formed rain clouds. Eventually the idea expanded to straight-up bombing the air with dynamite on kites."



"A lot of people fall for the scams around a company selling you a device you plug into an outlet in your home and it 'reduces your electricity bill.' You'd honestly be surprised how many people have paid money for these and even swear by them even though it's 100% snake oil and incredibly dumb to think it would do anything."


Fry 'Em

iphone GIFGiphy

"That fake ad for apple phones getting the capability to charge via microwaving. Buncha people put their iPhones in their microwaves and fried 'em."


Microwaving IPhones? At those prices?! Oh Lord.

Calm Down

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"Ripping the tag off of the mattress. I accidentally ripped one while moving, the movers said i'd go to jail, so I hid in my room. I was about 5."


The Yank

"Those wrist bands that 'give you energy.'"


"I wanted to see what the scam was once in a mall where they were selling these. They first yank on your arm throwing you off balance easily."

"Then they put on the bracelet and yank on your arm again and you are magically steady as a rock. The impression is strong until you realize all that happened was that you were not caught off guard and were able to anticipate the force that was about to be applied and unconsciously braced for the yank."


Research Says...

"Posts that start with 'Science says/Psychology says... etc.' without the actual research study links."


"Even with a link, half misunderstand the article or make wildly exaggerated claims (no, curing something in mice doesn't mean it will be possible to do the same with humans, it's not even that likely the research will apply to humans, but we can't do that research to humans so we use mice)."

"That and research articles whose results cannot be replicated."


Oh Mickey!

"That dumba** video people keep posting of a delivery woman dropping off a package, then reading a tear off pad of paper (that's coincidentally big enough for the security camera to read) that asks her to open the package she just delivered and dress up in the Mickey Mouse costume to surprise their son (who is going to be home any minute) for his birthday when he gets off the bus. Delivery drivers are peeing in Gatorade bottles. Like hell they're going to take the time to do all that."



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"Beanie babies as an investment strategy."


"That picture of a divorced couple splitting up their beanie baby collection in the courtroom cracks me up."


Car Lights

"I thought it was illegal to keep the lights on in the car until I was like 14."

"My parents are liars lmao 🤣"


"We were leaving my mum’s place and I had the lights on in the back for the kids, and my mum was like “isn’t that illegal?” My mum only taught me that because she believed that too. Multi-generational lie."


Kid Gloves

"Babies feel no pain and they believed that until the 1970's so they would experiment on babies up until then because they didnt feel pain. Scary."


"A pediatric anesthesiologist once told me that anesthesia wasn't used on infants (pre 1980 or so) because there was a good chance of killing the kids with too many meds."

"Anesthesia as a field of study is really quite young. If you were doing surgery on an infant you could go without anesthesia and hope they don't remember or you could give it to them and risk killing them (or permanent brain injury)."

It was only a few decades prior that adults were in the same boat. Bite the stick and hope you pass out."


I don't have the words. Oh, I do... "I give up."

Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comment below.

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