The First Thing People Would Do If They Won The Lottery

One stands a better chance of being struck by lightning multiple times than they do of winning the lottery.

With the odds standing at roughly one and 175 million.

Even in spite of these extremely low odds, however, people continue to spend money on lottery tickets, in the hopes that they might take home the big bucks.

And as they leave the bodega or gas station with their lottery tickets, they contemplate how they'll spend their winnings when they cash in the check.

Some are more practically minded, and plan on either saving the money or putting it to good use.

While others dream much bigger, and plan to spend it all as quickly as possible.

Redditor buschlightboi was eager to know how everyone would spend their winnings should they hit the lottery jackpot, leading them to ask:
"What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?"

Must Be Too Good To Be True...

"Double check, then triple check, then still believe it was a mistake."- 1100redonions

Make Sure It's In Good Hands

"Lawyer."- Catacomb82

"A big sum of money?"

"A financial lawyer."- Miserable-One274

serious season 8 GIFGiphy

Moochers Be Gone...

"Not tell anyone."- Spiffy@ssSam


"I would go on one of those six-month around the world cruises and not tell anyone but immediate family."

"Hopefully by the time I’m back stateside, everyone else has assumed I’m dead."

"Then I’d move to whichever city I liked best from that cruise."

"I fully expect this to happen despite never buying a ticket."- alexy8s·

Practical Usage...

"Pay off any existing debts/mortgages/loans I have."- F19AGhostrider

debt GIFGiphy

No Judgement Here...

"Buy the Lego Imperial Star Destroyer."- matkins70


"Claim it and book myself a nice hotel room."

"Sleep and resign from work."- elleccceee

When In Doubt...

"Open that reddit thread that goes in detail on what to do."- gresgolas

Stay Grounded

"Act like I didn't win."- Guilty-Bullfrog-3916

Emmys Reaction GIF by Vulture.comGiphy

It's worth noting, those lucky few who do win the lottery, against the odds, usually blow their winnings in a shockingly short amount of time.

Sometimes even finding themselves even worse off financially than when they were before.

Making one wonder if we're better off dreaming of winning, than ever finding ourselves in the reality...

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