"Lucky People Share The Luckiest Thing That's Ever Happened In Their Lives "

"Lucky People Share The Luckiest Thing That's Ever Happened In Their Lives "

Lucky People Share The Luckiest Thing That's Ever Happened In Their Lives

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It's nearly March, but people are already preparing for the "Luck of the Irish" to bless them. Sometimes around St. Patrick's Day, "Luck of the Irish" translates to a dangerous amount of alcohol and poor life choices. Those, however, that find luck at their feet on a regular basis can usually attribute it to an open mind and a willingness to see opportunity when it's right in front of you. That's what Reddit user, r/mrmeeseeksb---h, hoped to discover more of when they asked:

What's the best luck you have ever had in your life?

Just The Right Angle

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Got hit by a speeding car when crossing a road, cracked the windscreen, did a flip and landed on the pavement nearby. Paramedics were worried I'd broken my neck. Several hours and Xrays later I walked out with nothing but minor bruising on my back. Different angle and I could have easily died.


The Goodness Of Man

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I was at a large outdoor concert and some dude walked up said, "no way it's you, man." He then hands me my driver's license that I didn't know I lost somehow.


Using It All Up In One Go

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Not getting crushed or drowned in a farm accident.

I was 16 and working in the packing house on a blueberry farm. I went out to the fields with a guy to pick up the berries. The truck didn't have a cab just a windshield. I was sitting on a fuel tank where the passenger seat would normally be. There was a large ditch full of water on the right side of the road. The driver went off the road into the ditch. I went into the water and the truck rolled over and came down on top of me. Somehow, I wasn't pinned or crushed and was able to find my way out.

I used up a lifetimes worth of luck in that one incident.


One For Each Of You

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Was in a horrible roll over accident with my family after graduating high school. We were in a suburban traveling on the freeway when someone fish tailed us and we spun into the median, and then started rolling. I somehow slid out of my seat belt and flew out the passenger window landing in front of the suburban. When it got to where I landed, it bounced over me, and then continued to roll. Eye witnesses say that is the only time the suburban ever left the ground.

In the aftermath, myself, my gf at the time, and my sister all needed to be intubated, as our ribs had punctured our lungs and we were drowning in our own blood. There happened to be 3 separate, unrelated EMTs behind us that all pulled over, had medical equipment in their vehicles, and intubated us until ambulances and star flight showed up.


Gotta Rely On That Family

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My car broke down on a two lane highway in the middle of the Appalachians, 20 miles from the closest city and with no cell reception. The first vehicle around the bend was my grandfather who lived three hours away. He had randomly decided to go on a weekend trip to the mountains. From break down to being picked up was less than five minutes.


Just Look Down

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Lost my college ID card. A replacement was $15 I had found out. I walked out to the rainy parking lot, determined to get through the rest of my college career without an ID card, when I saw a folded, soggy, green square on the ground. It was actually a folded 10 and 5 dollar bills, hey! 15 bucks!

Went directly to Chipotle


Tracking Down Your Phone

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I lost my phone while we were laying pipe at work. Filled in the trench and then realized I had lost it somewhere in the 60ft of trench we dug. Left it there overnight seeing as it was already dark and I couldn't hear it when I called it. Returned the next day with listening equipment. Took an extremely lucky guess on where it was and located it within 30min. Dug 2 1/2ft down to find that the only damage was a small crack on my screen protector and a scuff on my Otter Box. Everyone including me had written it off as never to be recovered. 2hrs of my time when I figured it would take me a week to find it.


Meeting The Unknown Family

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I was flying economy to London last summer, and I had the flight attendants tell me to head up to the front of the plane. Lo and behold, the pilot of my flight was my cousin who I hadn't seen, or spoken to in many years! He told me to grab my carry on, and that he would bump me up to first class for free. And holy shit was it fancy up there


Making It Home

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I was once trying to get home from college and my car was on empty. I had one dollar left which wouldn't have even gotten me close to home. So being the smart person I am, I went into the gas station and bought a dollar scratch off lottery ticket. I wound up winning twenty dollars, filled up my car, and made it home.


Getting It Over With Quickly

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Survived bacterial meningitis when I was 2, everyone who gets it usually has to have limbs removed. But I ended up being part of a new drug trial and it saved my life and the only thing I've lost to this day as a result of it is a little bit of hair at the back of my head. That drug never came into circulation after that so it was my only chance to get it and I did. I would consider that very lucky


Saved By The Shoe

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My mother gave me a very nice necklace. One morning I went to scratch my neck and I didn't feel it. I guess I didn't put the latch on properly and it fell off, so I got super bummed out because it was really nice.

A few hours later I found it in my shoe. It fell down my shirt, down my pants (with a belt), and into my left shoe, which had been tightly laced.


Get That Gordita

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1am, Taco Bell, ordered a dorito taco and a crunch wrap. Ate both but my body wanted more. I jokingly reached into the bag, telling my girlfriend there always a fry at the bottom, and there was a f---ing cheesy gordita crunch in the bag. Checked the receipt and was only charged for the 2 things. So awesome.


Always Remember, Katniss Is A Jerk

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When I was 12 I was walking through the woods and got hit in the face with an arrow by someone who wasn't paying any attention to where he was firing. While this may not be lucky in its self, it hit the hinge of my jaw bone. Half an inch in any direction would've been much more fatal, an inch up would have gone into my brain, and an inch down my throat.


But, It's A Chanel

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At a fancy charity ball, I bought 5 raffle tickets for $100. I put each ticket in a different bucket for different items.

I won the Chanel purse worth $1500.

Then, I also won the David Yurman diamond bracelet and ring worth $2000.


Professors Are Too Overworked

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I once had C+ going into a final, got a C- on the final and somehow ended up with an A in the class. Didn't question anything lol


When Your PhD All Works Out

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When I was in the second year of my (unfinanced) PhD, I met a brazilian girl who was in France for her PhD. We met in a bar, our PhDs had nothing to do with it.

We dated for two years before she had to go back to Brazil in order to finish her PhD. I was crushed. BOOM, my PhD adviser had just started an international project in...Brazil... in her region... she sent me there to work, all paid for by the project.

Now we have finished our PhDs, we're back in France, and she will be my wife in two months.


A Near 127-Hours

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As a young, dumb teenager I was free soloing a small mountain without a safety harness. I was about twenty meters, (65ft), off the ground when I reached what I thought was the top. Turned out the top was still going upwards, and the surface was smooth as a baby's bottom, with nothing to grab on to. I tried to descend, but got myself stuck.

After a few minutes I couldn't hold on any longer, I lost my grip, and I fell. I dropped 5 meteres, (16 ft), and by chance two tiny trees, growing out from a crack in the mountain face, caught me. And they did so perfectly, one under my arm, and the other right under one of my knees. From there I found my way down again, safe and sound. If it hadn't been for those trees, I could have been seriously injured, or dead as the ground underneath was littered with pointy rocks. I didn't use my luck to win the lottery, but it saved me from a real bad situation.


Where's The True Luck?

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Fell on ice. Traumatic brain injury. Died three times. They told my wife I wasn't going to make it. Coma for 3 days.

Still not dead.

Second best was when my wife agreed to marry me 30+ years ago.


Yeah, Okay...

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I won a $20,000 car with a $10 raffle ticket.


"Might As Well Have Won The Lottery"

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I got a holographic Charizard in the first pack of Pokémon cards I ever bought. To 11 year old me I might as well have won the lottery.


Running The Table High

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About 15 years ago I had to go to Vegas for a work thing, I had no extra money so I really was not excited about going. Being broke in Vegas is no fun. I was there for 3 nights. First night I decided that I would play in a $50 poker tournament, it would fill up the evening and that way I wouldn't gamble anywhere else. Bam! Took first place for $1500. Being "responsible" I went and put $1,000 in my bank and kept $500 to play with. The next night, I go to a craps table with $200 and I go on for about a 45 min roll. This was at the Paris where they have the "firebet" which is a $10 bet that if you hit all 6 points its 1000-1. I hit that over the course of the 45 minutes, and, if you know anything about craps, it becomes exponential as you press your wins, so starting with a typical $10 pass line and $20 odds and like $12 on a 6 or 8--- by the time I finally 7'ed out I had $500 on each number and was hitting them over and over- Cashed out with $28,000. The final night, I did it again- just went on a 30 min run, hit another fire bet but since I was up so much I had started at a $25 min game, another $18,000. I basically parleyed $50 into $46,000 which was more than my annual pay at the time.

That will never happen again.


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