Big Ticket Items People Actually Regret Spending A Lot Of Money On

Person carrying an armload of new Vans shoes

People who are usually good with their money have that one coveted item they're willing to break the rules for and shell out the big bucks.

But in some cases, after the impulsive purchase is made, regret sets in.

Did the buyer really need the merchandise? Or could they have spent more time looking for a different version of the item to get a better deal?

Regardless, those who wound up having buyer's remorse weighed in after Redditor Flowerlock asked:

"What is something you regret spending a lot of money on?"

Sometimes, you wind up throwing money away.

Four-Legged Liability

"So I bought a camel at an auction one time. He was expensive but the damage he did around the farm was worse. Destructive, stinky creatures…but they’re so weird you just have to love ‘em."

"Looking back I probably should’ve spent my money on literally anything else 😅"

– FancyPickle37

Reclaiming Life

"Drugs! I spent thousands of dollars over the 10 years of active addiction. I not only paid with cash, but also paid with my life, health, relationships and more. Totally not worth it at all. Coming up on 3 years clean and sober!"

– Maleficent-Wave-2134

Supper Club

"Going out for dinner so much. I get into modes where I eat out almost all the time, then realize I've spent $1,000 or more in less than a week on dining out."

– Actual_Experience_78

Ring Value

"Honestly? My wife’s engagement ring. I spent a pretty penny on it despite her begging me to go cheap our entire relationship."

"I know she loves it anyway but the money could have been better spent towards our wedding or our house."

– WorleyInc

Redditors meant well and had high hopes.

It turns out the let down wasn't worth the pursuit.


"Law school. I was a lawyer for 14 years. Hated most of it. Wrecked my health overworking. Still owe on my student loan too."

– Synthwoven

Chaotic Nuptials

"My wedding. I'm not a very social person so basically it was a $20k silent panic attack surrounded by 120 people, half of whom I don't even know. If I could go back in time with this knowledge, I'd do a $20k elopement and travel together for a few months or something."

– highly_uncertain

Fleeting Fashion

"Clothes for special occasions."

– InternationalOil2586

Health Risk

"Cigarettes, it's not a lot of money but sitting here thinking about, you're literally buying poising and killing yourself."

– postnutts

These consumers took their chances and found luck wasn't on their side.

Rolling The Dice

"I've spent so much money on board games."

"I should play."

– aintnufincleverhere

Swing & A Miss

"Golf clubs. I still suck like before."

– No_Photograph_2039

Taking A Chance On Love

"Christmas presents for my high school girlfriend only to find out she had been banging multiple dudes while we were together. F you, Emily."

– cptnredbeardo

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