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People Who Wouldn't Quit Their Job If They Won The Lottery Explain What They Do

Reddit user BITE_AU_CHOCOLAT asked: 'People who wouldn't quit their job even if you won the lottery, what's your job?'

lottery tickets
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A lot of workers daydream about some day winning the lottery and being able to say goodbye to their job.

Far too many workers are unhappy with their job duties, workplace dynamics or company culture.

But with a taste for luxuries like housing and food, they keep plugging away, year after year.

However not everyone feels that way about their job.

So what are these compelling careers?

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Balls from the UK national lottery
Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

Most of us have had one of those fantasies about all the magical things we would do if we won the lottery, like starting an antique car collection, buying a mansion, or even more humbly paying off their or their family's debt.

But most of us have limited knowledge about what it's actually like to win the lottery or what their lives look like after winning.

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One stands a better chance of being struck by lightning multiple times than they do of winning the lottery.

With the odds standing at roughly one and 175 million.

Even in spite of these extremely low odds, however, people continue to spend money on lottery tickets, in the hopes that they might take home the big bucks.

And as they leave the bodega or gas station with their lottery tickets, they contemplate how they'll spend their winnings when they cash in the check.

Some are more practically minded, and plan on either saving the money or putting it to good use.

While others dream much bigger, and plan to spend it all as quickly as possible.

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People Debate The First Thing They'd Do If They Woke Up With A Billion Dollars In The Bank
Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

Haven't we all wondered what we'd do if we had a billion dollars in the bank?

Of course we have. They say that "money can't buy happiness" but we all know that that's ridiculous. The truth is that having enough money would solve most of the average person's problems, especially when their problems typically revolve around making sure that they can pay all their bills on time and keep a roof over their heads.

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People Describe How They'd Quit Their Jobs If They Won The Lottery

As a mom of three who is into awesome stuff, I have watched a LOT of Backyardigans—like I've watched it enough that I now own all four seasons on YouTube just to make my life easy.

Uniqua's "Into The Thick Of It" had a moment on TikTok not long ago, but I assure you it is far from the only bop on that show. I'm partial to the whole secret agent limbo moose thing, myself. But there's something to be said about Tasha's "I Quit" song.

And that something is that it belongs on this list.

I quit a job working for my ex husband (long story, not for this article, but girl I know. That's what I get for saying yes to begin with.) by singing the "I Quit" song. And dancing along. With pom poms.

What can I say, when I do something I do it big.

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