Money is always a touchy subject. No matter who has it, who wants it, who needs it or wins it, it’s never easy in a relationship. There never seems to be a perfectly nuanced way to discuss it without tension. Money can be an especially dicey issue when it involves family. Case in point… Redditor […] More
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Lottery tickets are a pretty commonplace gift for the holidays. It's an easy way to give someone something completely noncommittal and kind of fun gift, where even if they don't win, they play a little.

But what if you did win?

It's a fun, though unlikely, thought. Still, not impossible.

Do you ever just let your mind wander a little bit into the realm of what it would be like if you won fabulous riches?

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It feels like it would be a dream come true... "winning a lifetime supply!" That makes you feel lucky and special. It's backed up the idea there you'll never go without. It's exciting at first thought. That is until you realize you need to be specific about what you hope you get an bottomless inventory of, because unless it's money... there really is nothing else we need a lifetime supply of. But it's still a fun story.

Redditor u/Kelvin_Inman wanted to know about the aftermath of winning all can have for life by asking.... Redditors who won a lifetime supply of something...what is it, and are you sick of it yet?

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Redditor u/FarRush1 has a quandry. Money always leads to trouble if you're not careful. It can cause issues you've never even dreamed of. For instance.... My [24F] boyfriend [26M] won a lot of money, wants to help his ex.

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There is nothing better in life than hearing the phrases... "You WON!", "Free" and "Lifetime Supply!" Hearing those sentiments can make your heart melt; no matter what the prize is.

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