First Date Activities That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

When planning a first date, most people chose to meet over a drink or a cup of coffee.

The stakes are low, it gives you plenty of time to determine whether or not there's chemistry, and should things not be going well, you can swiftly wrap things up after taking your last sip.

These days, however, people like to be a little bit more creative when it comes to first dates, and thus will organize a slightly unusual activity.

Sometimes, the risk pays off, and fun is had by both parties, leading to a second date, or even a lasting relationship.

Of course, there is every possibility that attempts to be creative could end up backfiring, sometimes even before the date even takes place.

Which doesn't stop people from trying them over and over again.

Redditor nojunkpeter was curious to learn what people considered to be the absolute worst ideas for a first date, leading them to ask:
"What's a common first date activity that people do that's actually really stupid to do for a first date?"

It's Hard To Decide How You Feel If You Can't Hear Yourself Think

"Loud bar."- AwkwardBlaque

Sometimes It's Worth The Gamble...

"My first date with my husband, (blind date, we talked on the phone once, I didn’t even know what he looked like) was to the symphony."

"It was an hour away and then there was the symphony with a full intermission worth of potential awkwardness, then a full hour drive back."

"I mean clearly the date went amazing."

"We went to ice cream afterwards and sat in his car talking until three in the morning."

"But I never thought about it until right now how potentially disastrous that evening could have been if we hadn’t had major chemistry."- jardinc

Best To Transport Yourself There...

"A long-ish car ride."

"I invited a first date to a great restaurant, fun environment too, but didn't think about the fact that it was about a 30+ minute drive each way."

"Kind of an awkward trip to and from, especially when it turned out that we really didn't have much in common."

"The trip back took a loooong time."- ElectricMan324

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Double Trouble...

"In John Waters' memoir he talks about going to these 'Fright and Fight' double features where they would show a horror movie then a kung fu movie back to back."

"And I can't imagine how many poor women were taken to these to be subjected to not one but two bad movies in a row, only for the guy she's with to get in a fight in the parking lot afterwards trying to impress her."- stevebobeeve

...Though One Movie Isn't Much Better

"Going to a movie."

"Just staring at a screen instead of getting to know each other."- artemesia-vulgaris

Literally Trapped

"Escape rooms.'

"I work at one and the amount of first dates doing our rooms is too dang high."

"There aren't enough people to even play."

"If you show up with two, we make you pay for a third ticket minimum."

"You can't learn anything about each other because you're too busy playing."

"You will suck and you will get frustrated."

"Not a good look on a first date."- TJtherock

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Even, Or Especially, If You Plan To Go Dutch

"An expensive dinner."- Throwie911

Somewhere You Can Talk, Without Shouting Or Annoying Others

"Movie, because your attention is not directed towards your date."

"Loud bar is worse."

"Quiet bar is best."

"Drinks to loosen the tongue and cozy atmosphere to reveal oneself."

"Plus, it's public enough that you can count on reasonably good behavior."- redditusernamehonked

A Good Idea In Theory, Less So In Practice...

"I took a girl to a first date at a wine and canvas thing."

"We both liked to draw and paint and had similar tastes in drinks."

'Lots to talk about and activity to occupy us if there was a lull in the conversation."

"Great idea, if only I had considered the fact that when I draw/paint I pretty much shut everything else out and just draw/paint."

"Poor girl spent 3 hours with me as I grunted out responses, had a scotch and painted something that I still use as a holiday decoration to this day."

"We did not have a second date."

"Don’t take people to a wine and canvas event if you turn into a monosyllabic, boozy artist."- ShiggityShua

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Keep It Intimate...

"Visit with anybody, friends, parents, neighbors."

"It's insane to be around people who know the person you are dating well, and not you at all."

"It's like a job interview in front of a panel."

"No fun at all."- luckygirl54

Generally speaking, trying to impress on a first date often ends with your efforts blowing up in your face.

Which is why trying to create the best first date imaginable often destroys any possible chance of a second date.

And truth be told, sometimes you can tell if there will be a second date based solely off their coffee or drink order.

Ice in white wine is never a good sign...

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