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People Break Down Which Things Aren't Technically A Cult But Sure Feel Like One
Luan Cabral/Unsplash

At one point in our lives, many of us have experienced the sensation of loneliness.

We've tried our best to fit in but seemed to fail at every turn to join an accepting community of like-minded people.

But that doesn't always come easily, but when it does, we go all in without really doing our research because we prefer to hold onto that initial feeling of acceptance.

Unfortunately, not all groups have genuinely good intentions. Because before you know it, you find yourself having been sucked into a cult.

Or maybe something that isn't but feels like one. But what is that exactly?

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It's human nature for us to feel like we belong. Individuals can't thrive without the influence of others who are part of various communities.

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People Share Which Strange Cults Are Still Active Today
Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

We like to think we've risen above the susceptibility for cults. We think we've seen enough documentaries, listened to enough podcasts, and heard enough horror stories about the broken lives and shattered families they leave in their wake, all in service of making some people at the top a little richer and a smidgen more powerful.

Then why are so man of them still around?

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People Break Down The Groups In Society That Aren't A Cult But Totally Act Like One
Photo by Luan Cabral on Unsplash

Between the Lularich sensation and the stories coming from film and entertainment employees about their dangerous and sometimes deadly working conditions, there's been a lot of chatter about "not-technically-a-cult-but-totally-a-cult" situations.

Reddit user "swiggityswoogey" asked:

What is a cult, but doesn't feel like a cult?
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People Who Have Broken Free From A Cult Describe Their Experience
Image by Jackson Davis from Pixabay

When we think of cults, we think of creepy chants and sketchy charismatic leaders who victimize vulnerable people. We tend to imagine it as a sinister thing that happens elsewhere and would be impossible for "normal" people in "the real world" to fall into.

We would be terrifyingly wrong.

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