People Explain Which Fictional Universe Would Be The Worst To Live In
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When we are overwhelmed with many trials and tribulations in this crazy world, we want to escape reality.

With plenty of options to distract us, you would think we can tune out the world around us by immersing ourselves in virtual worlds like video games.

Or those who prefer a more sedentary escape can watch a movie based on fantastical places for their mental escape.

But not all fictional universes are enticing. Some worlds are downright terrifying and nightmarish that make us grateful about our champagne problems back on earth.

Curious to hear about hellish landscapes we should be grateful are not real, Redditor monarchmondays asked:

"Which fictional universe would actually be awful to live in?"

Gamers can take out their aggression by blowing things up. Yeah, don't wanna live there.


"Warhammer 40K wins by a mile."

"The vast majority of the universe is a complete hellhole. Even the 'normal' human worlds are depressing, polluted, slave driving, disease riddled, etc."

"There is only war."

"Obligatory RIP my inbox. Video link for those poor souls who aren't familiar with the universe:"



Grand Theft Auto

"The world of GTA would be terrible to live in. You'll have to live in constant fear of the maniacal psychopath who may or may not shoot you, run over you, or just straight up assault you."


Sugar Rush

"Candyland, the only thing to eat is candy and you would eventually be too fat unless you worked out constantly. And I assume there would be no actual water there either."


Most people enjoy superhero movies, but that doesn't mean we want to visit the places where the battles take place.

Sci-Fi Madness

"The Power Ranger Universe. Having a normal day and suddenly you're trapped in a giant pizza by a monster, then a bunch of spandex clad teenagers shoot lasers and a giant robot shows up that wrecks the entire downtown for the third time this month."


"Really any world with super hero(s). The everyday lives of the average joe is dependent on a few powerful beings and there's probably constant violence."


Scary Society

"The best thing say Superman could do for humanity is probably run on an enormous generator to meet the world's power needs and avoid f'king up the environment."

"In all seriousness though no sane society would allow an exclusive caste of magical beings to serve as judge, jury, and executioner. You can bet that whatever country can capture them first is going to get busy with a Manhattan project to understand and reproduce those phenomena and rightly so!"


Elements of some worlds depicted on TV and film are not that far off from reality – except the one inhabited by hungry, carnivorous naked giants.

Scary Anime

"Attack on Titan, most definitely. The war, the forced amnesia, constantly being at risk of being eaten by giant naked people, no thank you."


season 2 manga GIF by Funimation Giphy

A Quiet Place

"Yeah the frustration and fear of it always being on my mind would be so intense I don't know if it would be worth being alive."


Encouraging Rape

"I'm gonna say the Handmaid's Tale. That country spent all their resources and time creating extensively branded torture infrastructure and getting nothing else done."


I love gigantic apes and lizard monsters, but they can most definitely stay on the screen.

When I saw Kong: Skull Island, I was terrified of imagining myself in that fantastical yet violent world.

Remember that dude who was SKEWERED by what he initially thought was an innocuous bamboo?

No, sir, that was a leg of a towering arachnid the poor guy was bamboozled into thinking was something else.

Fooled him once, and now he can rest in peace.

Yeah, I'm not mad about Skull Island being left out on my bucket list of places to live, let alone visit.

CW: Suicide

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