Most people look at their leaders and think "if only..."

No matter how admired they are, leaders are real people complete with all the frailties and failures of humanity. They can't be perfect.

But what if you could pick an unreal ideal leader?

Who would you choose?

Redditor TheCorgiMaster asked:

"Which fictional character would make a great USA President?"

Redditors looked to literature, comics, TV and films for inspiration.

They chose two real life alternate universe Presidents, a TV POTUS and a couple comic book Commanders-in-Chief.

Let's see who they picked, in no particular order.

Jean Luc Picard

"Jean Luc Picard" ~ derpelganger

"This character has informed so much of what I think of as the political ideal that's it's almost absurd." ~ Tacitus_AMP

"Picard has been my moral compass since I was a child." ~ DrRedditPhD

  • Listens to the advice of others
  • Learns from his mistakes
  • Takes responsibility
  • Explains his actions/acts as a mentor" ~ SentFromMyAndroid

Chrisjen Avasarala

"Chrissy Avasarala, she's got balls and brains." ~ thermostatgasket

"She saved Earth and Mars, two diametrically opposed factions, from destroying each other."

"I’m sure she could handle one country on one planet with two political parties with ease." ~ broncoblaze

The Expanse Pony GIF by Amazon Prime Video Giphy

Optimus Prime

"Optimus Prime - G1."

He's the perfect balance of introspection, deliberation, decisive action, compassion, toughness, fighting spirit, humility, and inspires others to greatness not because of his ego, but because he sincerely wants the best for everyone."

"He's eloquent enough to work with intellectuals, strong enough to keep corruption out, hard working and honest enough to connect with and inspire the working classes, and an absolute paragon of ethics. When it comes down to it, he puts his own a** on the line without hesitation."

"I'd vote for Optimus Prime. I'd work on his campaign staff. I'd canvas for Optimus. I'd fight his fights."

"He's the heroic leader we need."

"I wish he were here." ~ Cephelopodia



"Gandalf" ~ Gandalfsacidshow

"He would know every Senator and Congressman who mattered since childhood, and the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents of those people."

"He'd never overreach his position, and would constantly be maneuvering behind the scenes to improve people's lives..."

"Weed would also be legal within 5 minutes of him taking the oath." ~ YNot1989


Ellen Ripley

"Ellen Ripley" ~ hestermoffet

"She kicked alien a$$—Congress should be no problem."

"Plus Jonesy for First Feline." ~ LakotaGrl



"Kronk. Just Kronk." ~ The_Inky_Boy

"'How did we make it into the White House, Kronk?'”

“'Well you got me. By all accounts it doesn’t make sense'.” ~ steveofthejungle

"I can see him making the US become a diplomatic state, ending wars as a non-belligerent third party while economy is booming for the new markets brought by peace and being like.... 'Oh yeah. It's all coming together'." ~ Frank_the_Vodoochild

"Literally crying in the Oval Office because the Canadian prime minister didn’t compliment his spinach puffs." ~ c_girl_108


Josiah Bartlett

"Josiah Bartlet" ~ phriedtabs

"During 2020 with all the presidential speeches that sounded non presidential, I kept thinking that we needed a couple of Josiah Barlet speeches during that time." ~ southdakotagirl

"Watching West Wing for the first time over the last few years made politics so much more depressing." ~ Mac1721


Lex Luthor

"Lex Luthor."

"The bastard cured cancer, repeatedly saved the planet from world-busting threats when even the JLA couldn't do it, rebuilt Gotham after the government just abandoned it, and as fictional president, created a globe-spanning post-scarcity utopia."

"Lex's only real failing is his galaxy-class hate boner for Superman. Since our world doesn't include a Superman for Lex to laser-focus on destroying, he'd probably have shit fixed up in no time." ~ candre2

"Lex Luthor basically makes the embattled U.S. a utopia through sheer force of will. He would make an outstanding President, and arguably would be LESS evil than a majority of them." ~ Elgallitorojo


Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

"Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter." ~ TradesSexForFood

"You're not going to believe this, but..." ~ eliasmsv


Leia Organa

"Princess Leia" ~ silaslovesoliver

"General Leia" ~ crazydaisy8134

"Capable of complex problem solving, with great situational awareness." ~ mutalisken


Hypno Toad

"The Hypno Toad" ~ OldHolly

"I don't know what you could possibly be talking about. Would it even know how to properly legisla—ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO TOAD!" ~ gmred91

"You were making pretty good points there at first, it definitely doesn’t seem like a toad cou—ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNO TOAD!" ~ fungiinmygarden


Steve Rogers

​"Steve Rogers" ~ curiousfurious79

"He’s got America’s a**." ~ Omegaprimus

"He can do this all day." ~ shnigybrendo"


Teddy Roosevelt as Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt

"That guy on a horse from Night at the Museum." ~ kenj0418

"Teddy Roosevelt or Robin Williams?" ~ OhiobornCAraised

"Robin Williams working as the President while remaining in character as Teddy Roosevelt throughout the entire term." ~ Justalittlesmol


Count Dooku

"Count Dooku."

"He had vision and the ability to convince people to join him, as in this case there wouldn't be a sidius , he ought to do well and clean america of corruption like he planned." ~ Dinosaurmaid

"Honestly a great choice, he is a very well studied man and strong political leader, and the whole reason he left the Jedi order is because they didn’t send anyone to help protect his people, so he clearly cares for them."

"And he never actually truly fell to the Dark Side he simply studied it and took from both sides making him exceptionally strong." ~ ThatOne_Guy_You_Know


Leslie Knope

"Where on Earth is Leslie Knope in this discussion?"

"She'd actually be perfect, most importantly because she would want that job." ~ HighlanderSteve

"You just know she's gonna give it her best on every issue." ~ TheDugal

"She truly believes in helping people and constantly goes out of her way to help everyone." ~ Darkfigure145


Kermit the Frog

"Kermit the Frog" ~ Setthescene

"I'm not sure he'd get enough votes. It's not easy being Green." ~ LetterSwapper

"The lovers, the dreamers, and me would vote for him." ~ DrOddcat



"Cthulhu" ~ Fit-Zookeepergame578

"Why vote for the lesser evil?" ~ st0pmakings3ns3


So, do you agree?

Did your choice make the list?

Let us know in the comments.

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