People Break Down Which Experiences They Think Are Even Better Than Sex
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There are few feelings that make me happier than when I find that I am quite engrossed in a really good book. I sadly do not have as much time to read these days as I'd like to (work and school, man...) but as soon as my schedule opens up, you bet I will go ahead and breeze through the books I have lying around my apartment. Now if only I could do something about all the books I keep on buying...

People had their own thoughts to share after Redditor Randomdudenotsuspic asked the online community,

"People of Reddit, what's better than sex?"

"Unable to speak..."

"Making your best friend laugh. I mean laughing so much, they're crying. Unable to speak, sweating, headache, deepest laughing possible. There's nothing better."


Seeing their face break out into a smile followed by peals of laughter is a truly wonderful feeling.

"Successfully removing..."

"Successfully removing that uncomfortable popcorn kernel from your teeth after half a day of trying, using just your tongue."


I can confirm that this is indeed a beautiful feeling. I highly recommend everyone experience it.

"Good hearty..."

"Good hearty deep laughter with someone you are comfortable with."


"Waking up early..."

"Waking up early in the morning, just to find out that you don't have to go to school/work today and can turn around and keep sleeping."


I think I must be the opposite––I always know when I'm off. And I relish it! Thank you, body!

"Going back to sleep..."

"Going back to sleep after accidentally waking up early because you saw your alarm won't ring until much later."


I think this one shows that I vacillate between pleasure and outright annoyance. Why can't I sleep the night through?

"A true day off..."

"A true day off, where you have absolutely nothing to do, nothing planned, and a completely open day to do whatever the f*** you want."


"When you're the first person..."

"When you're the first person to wake up and make your coffee and do something alone in quiet. As a father and husband with two people who HAVE to have the tv or computers or consoles running from the second they're up, I really love waking up early to silence."


Having lived with a roommate who couldn't leave their bedroom without turning on the television and blasting their music all day and every day, I can confirm that it's a beautiful thing when you finally have silence.

"I've never gotten that before..."

"Having a partner who fully accepts and wants you. Until I met my current girlfriend, I never in my life had someone who so fully accepts me as a person. I've never gotten that before, not even with my friends and past relationships."


"I met a girl..."

"I met a girl at a wedding this weekend. I was really afraid to go talk to her but a slow song came up and I had to at least ask her to dance. When I asked her she responded by saying, "Absolutely, I have been waiting all night for you to ask!" That felt good."


So what happened?! You can't leave us hanging after that!

"Whether it's learning..."

"Accomplishing your life goals and dreams. Whether it's learning how to braid or getting a raise. It doesn't matter."


Sex is pretty fabulous––or maybe I should say that it can be––but don't forget that there are a host of other pleasures out there for you to experience! It's often the little things that make life feel worth living.

Have some thoughts of your own? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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