People Debate Which Fast Food Chain Has The Best French Fries

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When it comes to fast food places, no two places are the same. Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets are far superior to those from McDonald's, while no one does milkshakes quite like Dairy Queen.

I have always preferred burgers from In-N-Out, but my brother will always go for Five Guys.

There will always be debates when it comes to which establishment does fast food the best.

The biggest debate surrounds the ultimate side dish: french fries.

No one can ever seem to agree on which fast food chain has the best french fries, but that doesn't stop the debate. Redditors are engaged in that very debate as we speak!

It all started when Redditor Seraphicly329 asked:

"Which fast food chain restaurant has the best fries?"

Perfect Sauce

"In and Out. Watching them slice up them fresh potatoes makes me feel something special. Especially when dipped in that thousand island special sauce mmmmm"

– bathofknives

Don't Know What You're Missing

"Checkers!!! My current pregnancy craving. Thanks alot for reminding me to get the fry lovers size on my way home from work."

– jerri89

"Anyone who doesn't say checkers has never had checkers' fries."

"But to expand on this... anyone notice how all of their other foods suck?"

– murrepe321

"I haven’t had these fries since I was a kid vacationing in Florida. I’m from the great white north and I totally came here to say that checkers fries are the bomb!!"

– bluerodeosexshow

Fries Of Yore

"I've had this debate with my dad a lot."

"He says it's McDonalds."

"I don't have a definitive favorite, but if I had to choose, I pick the old Wendy's fries, before they did this Crispy version. I just loved the Sea Salt flavor they used."

"(I don't dislike the new fries, but I vastly prefer the older ones)"

– F19AGhostrider

"Wendy's sh*t the bed with their new fries. Now it's McDonald's."

– SteelTumbler

"Wendy's old ones 100% I love how the were thick cut and when they got all floppy they were the bomb."

– Rahtgooves

Curly Is Aways Better

"Ngl I’ve always been craving Jack in the Box curly fries. But that’s just me."

– SignalOk1538

"Arby's curly fries are GOATed."

– einherjar81

"I like my fries to have a crispy outside, and a soft fluffy inside. Arby's Curly Fries do meet that specification, when you get the big long curls, however every time I order them, I get 1-2 good curls on the top of the box, then 3/4 of the box is filled with all short hard bits. Ugh."

"And the Krinkly Fries are exactly the opposite, all soft and fluffy, with no crisp whatsoever."

"IF I could get a box of all long curls, they would be #1 on my list."

– Stormblade73

"McDonald’s for skinny"

"Jack in the Box for curly (which is a shame because I live 6 hours from the nearest jbox these days!)"

– Steph_Boyardee

KFC International

"KFC Australia. The UK KFC fries are horrific"

– stuloch

"Don’t know about either but the US KFC fries are delicious"

– Keyguin

"The KFC fries in the UK are actually nice now. They used to need 4 sachets of salt to make them edible."

– TheCubeOfDoom

Once You Go To Five Guys...

"Five guys. The fact that these fries haven't forced the entire industry to adapt is crazy to me."

"Going to any other fast food place, getting a large fry makes me laugh and wonder why the hell I didn't go to 5G."

– Hank___Scorpio

I Dare You To Argue

"Bojangles, if anyone disagrees I will fight you"

– chaosbones43

"Took me way too long to find this but 100%! Especially when they are fresh and seasoned just right. No other fast food restaurant even comes close IMO"

– TheSocialButterfly11

Cajun Is The Best

"Five Guys cajun fries. Those fries are some of the best GD fries you'll ever have in your life"

– Present_Rip7556

"overall? i think wendys [MA] but a close second is popeyes. Cajun fries are amazing"

– TJzzz

"It’s not fast food, but if you ever come across a restaurant called Hot N Juicy, get the Cajun fries. I don’t think it’s too big of a chain, but they set up shop in Cali, AZ, Florida, Vegas, idk which other states but good God it’s some good fries every time"

– double_decker_taco

Only One Right Answer

"It is funny to see all the people who have never been to Runza give answers that aren't Runza"

"The correct answer is Runza."

– elting44


"I don't care what anyone says, In N Out fries on a good day are God-tier. There is no better fast food french fry. Consider that they use Kennebec, the superior fry potato, and sunflower oil, which is top tier frying oil. They cut potatoes on site.

Of course there is going to be some variation compared to the mass factory-produced shake shack fries that are formed from a batter, but you can hardly call those fries."

– tornato7

Best For These Reasons

"Hear me out, I think Nacho Fries from Taco Bell are the best for 3 reasons:"

  1. "Crispy. If you get them fresh they are fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. They're on point."
  2. "Seasoning. Cajun seasoning is also pretty decent where you can get it, but nacho seasoning is better in my opinion."
  3. "Sauce. Comes with Nacho Cheese, which is perhaps the best pairing for spuds, followed closely by ranch variants. Chilli cheese fries are better, but in my opinion are a different category of food item."

– malik753

A Full Analysis

"I've found Wendy's fries are usually pretty good but I'm not a fan of their morning wedges or whatever they're called."

"Arby's are okay. The crinkle-cut fries are meh. The curly fries are slightly better but not as good as they used to be when the stores made their own in-house (a very long time ago)."

"Sonic fries are okay."

"I haven't been to an A&W or Long John Silver's in a while (they moved out some years ago) but I liked the fries okay."

"McDonald's are thin and often cold and sometimes quite greasy and over-salted."

"Burger King fries are no better than McDonald's."

"I despise Five Guys. They're usually soaking wet."

"Haven't had In-and-Out in a long time but I always felt they tasted a little better than cardboard. Even with salt on them."

"I haven't had KFC, Popeyes or Taco Bell in a while so I can't rate them. Haven't been to a White Castle in a long time either... I usually just went for the burgers."

"There are probably others but I don't remember or haven't tried."

– md724

Only When Fresh

"McDonald's fries when they're fresh and properly salted are no joke. We've all been eating them forever so we're just used to them I think."

– jew_biscuits

"I think McDonald's fries are the best if they're fresh and prepared correctly . . . which seems to be rare these days."

– Dr_Edge_ATX

"Properly salted McDonald's fries, they're literally heaven."

– chucked___cheeze

"McDonald’s for me and it’s not close"

– jewishMILFhunter2

In The Area

"Where I live, McDonalds first, Wendy’s second."

– ijeanofdreammie

There are a lot of different opinions here!

I think what I learned is that it's less about the establishment and more about the location. The fries from my Popeye's may be far superior to one in the next state over, but their Shake Shack may show up the one in my area.

One thing we can all agree on: the mission to find the perfect french fries will never end!

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