Don't shy away from the truth.

This oft ignored lesson could be why there are individuals who think the worldwide pandemic is "over," but it's one that gets ignored more often than you might think. Things can be hard to stomach or accept, so often people will not listen to these truths, choosing to believe something else.

Can't escape facts when they're staring right at you in the mirror.

Reddit user, u/Letmediebro, wanted to hear about some tough facts when they asked:

What is a hard pill to swallow for most people?

Life can feel like it's working against you sometimes.

It's not. It's just the way things go sometimes.

Starting Out With A Tough One...

"That doing your best does not mean you will succeed"


"Also sadly, not everyone's "best" is good enough for what they're trying to accomplish. We are not all physically, mentally and intellectually equal, and we all have different strengths."


What Are You Going To Do?

"How you react to situations shapes your reality more than the situation itself"


"This is one that I have become consciously aware of the older I have gotten. Oftentimes it is my reaction that defines the way in which the happening of an event will be categorized. So, I have been trying to train my brain not to react and instead process first as to allow me to have a rational reaction whatever that might be."


Just. Not. Into. You.

"If someone isn't into you as much as you are into them, there really isn't much you can do about it. Even just waiting is often bad for you in the long run."


Turns out the hardest lessons are the ones you need to apply to yourself.

They Come, Stay For A While, Then Move On

"not all friendships were made to last. that doesn't make you a bad person, or a bad friend, it just means it's time for you to find someone better, even if it doesn't seem like there is. (currently trying to swallow this one)"


Work For You And You Alone

"looking for others to validate your sense of worth will always end in ruin."


"Yes, stop trying to impress others or always do them favors to gain respect. Respect yourself. It gets you nothing. If the person like you before (s)he will respect you. If the person before didnt, then you're being taken advantage of."


Sometimes the harshest facts we can face are connected to ourselves, how we view ourselves, and how we feel about ourselves. If you want to face the harshest facts then you need to look inward.

I'm Sadder Than You Are

"Your suffering is only unique unto you. The fact that you suffer is universal to all life it shouldn't be a race to bottom. Which for most people it absolutely is."


"and suffering competitions are insufferable"


It's You.

"Sometimes you're the toxic one in the relationship."


"This one is true, and most of the time you don't even know you are the toxic one."


"I was aware of this from the start. I'm in therapy for it now. I'm at least catching the smaller sh*t I've been doing. Like don't get me wrong I'm always sweet and try to make sure they are looked after but there are toxic things I do."


It'll Happen. Be Ready.

"That life isn't fair, you will face heart-breakingly tragic things that are beyond your control. Some more than others, but everyone has something, be kind."


Deal With Yourself

"Sometimes you are the one holding yourself back."


The world can feel like it's out to get you, to ruin everything going on for you personally.

With a little insight, a gaze into your own self-worth, you'll see that's not the case, and usually the one stopping you from succeeding is you.

Talk to someone, if you can.

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