Being horny can lead to some questionable decision-making.

Something happens to the brain when blood is flowing to other regions of the body.

They should discuss this in health class.

It's perfectly normal, but we have to learn how to deal.

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People Divulge The Stupidest Thing They've Ever Done For Someone They Had Feelings For
Photo by REVOLT on Unsplash

Oh, the things we do for love...

Are we stupid, crazy, naive, or merely desperate?

Or all of the above?

Love looks like such a good time.

So of course everyone is on the hunt for it.

And sometimes we fall into people who don't love us, but we try to make it work.

This can lead us to do some incredibly questionable things when we look back.

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Being a teenager is a hot mess of a situation. I wouldn't do it again unless you paid me BIG BUCKS!

I did everything as wrong as possible, And then I grew up.

I still do a lot wrong. But I'm wiser.

Being a teen makes you take chances that can change life forever. Be careful.

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The Dumbest Things Men Did While Dating Their Soon-To-Be Spouses
Kyle Glenn/Unsplash

While dating is fun, trying to make a positive impression on the other person of romantic interest can be very stressful.

Regarding heterosexual males, they can sometimes try too hard when setting their sights on the endgame–which is making a woman fall in love with them in the hopes of marriage.

The guys who have wound up with their sweethearts may be the lucky ones, but it doesn't mean they narrowly avoided some missteps along the way.

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Hands in handcuffs
Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

Who hasn't either shared their password or used someone's password for Netflix?

It seems like a generous and cost efficient thing to do, right?

In reality, however, it's a federal offense.

Not one that will likely ever get you much trouble, however, as Netflix has even been caught red handed in the past encouraging people to share their password with others.

Indeed, people will likely only continue to share their password to Netflix, and many other streaming services, with absolutely no idea that they are committing a crime when doing so.

In fact, password sharing is only one of many things people partake in having absolutely no idea they are breaking the law while doing so.

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