People Break Down The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Heard Someone Say With Absolute Confidence
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Sometimes the conversation and thoughts that come from a mouth, baffle me.

And what is most surprising is people's confidence. They just say whatever is rattling around in their brain.

And they "know" they are right! But what they are espousing is utter crap.

Someone come get my jaw from the floor.

Redditor GuyWithAScuffedLife wanted to hear about some of the words that have fallen out of other people's mouths that left many of us shook. They asked:

What is the dumbest thing someone has said with full confidence?

I recently overheard someone discussing how the Earth is flat. In 2022, well almost, in this day and age you still believe that?

Here Kitty, Kitty...

Cat Sup GIF Giphy

"Not sure if this counts, but one time my little brother walked up to me and awkwardly asked "is the cat dead" as he held our cat, who was purring." ~ Electrical_Ostrich_4

"I have heard a story of a small child who was terrified that they had broken the cat because it was vibrating. Poor kid." ~ Educational-Candy-17


"I don't eat cows, I eat beef." ~ siren_nymph

"I've heard a similar one from my sister at our local state fair, "We don't bulls, we eat cows." Said as we were standing in the beef cattle barn full of bulls." ~ Da1UHideFrom

"Humans are the only animals that drink the milk of other animals, it's unnatural and disgusting." Said by my friend who ordered extra cheese on every meal." ~ shaidyn

Don't Panic

"My friend told me if you had a test with 101 questions and you got them all wrong, your score would be a -1. Yeah, I'd love to see the grade calculators handle that one." ~ Trouble102134

"More grade shenanigans:"

"I was taking Cell Biology in college, which was a large class because it was a requirement for pre-medical students. It was also deliberately and infamously hard, because it was meant to weed poor students out of the pre-med program. The final exam average grade was typically around 40%, which was severely curved to make 40% a C+ level grade."

"I was not pre-med, and actually liked biology, so I studied my butt off for that final, then went home for the summer. I checked my online grade two weeks later, and it said "Incomplete" so in an absolute panic I emailed the professor."

"He said, "You got the highest score in the class, and broke the curve calculator spreadsheet, so I had to report your grade as Incomplete, and then submit a paper grade correction form through the Dean's office. It should take a month or so, so don't panic, and follow up with me if it takes any longer than that to appear." ~ ThadisJones

DO at home...

"That being diabetic is something you can DO at home, and an addiction that is not suitable to DO when in public. Yes, someone told me that in full confidence." ~ Emile_the_rat

"My mom (type 1 diabetic) went through something a few years ago that made her have to prove that being diabetic is a constant health concern."

"They actually asked her to record how much time she spent on "diabetic things" per day so they could see if being diabetic took up a significant portion of her day. She was able to convince them that being diabetic still affects her even when she's not pricking her finger. It was such a weird request." ~ t3hgrl


Bill Nye Spinning GIF by Nike Giphy

"My roommate once told me we were in South America. We live in Canada." ~ renklo

Wow. Just wow. So far, after reading this, I'm even more thrilled to be a recluse. And Canada is always trouble.

Info Wars

Think Winnie The Pooh GIF Giphy

"Informed people don't make better decisions than uninformed people. That's a myth." He wasn't joking." ~ Siryl7001

The Yeller!

"A woman yelled at me for parking a car with a handicap tag in a non-handicap spot. She believed that I had to park only in handicap spots." ~ ocrohnahan

"Haha!!!! That happened to me too. Also, because I have multicoloured walking sticks and purple hair and dress like an old hippie, I was informed that my walking stick was only a fashion statement. If only." ~ Rosieapples


"A coworker of mine once told me that any animal could reproduce with any other animal, that DNA wasn't important and that all sperm was the same. She believed this because she once saw a litter of diseased, deformed puppies and had decided that they must be half rat." ~ Hypersapien

That's what my koi did...

"I thought the turtle would eat algae. That's what my koi did." The baby turtle was kept in a small glass bowl without algae. It also didn't have UV light, and was fed shrimp, the turtle equivalent of living on desserts. I got it a perching spot in an aquarium, UV light, water heater/thermostat, and real turtle pellets."

"This person otherwise comes off as fairly bright, and sustains himself with his own businesses. The differences between fish and reptiles apparently didn't really hit him." ~ FlavorD

Bladder Issues

family living GIF Giphy

"In my sex ed class in high school, we had an assignment where we had to name all the parts of the male genitalia and this one girl said (with a nasty attitude, night I add) "men don't have bladders!" ~ Elle-mic

Think before you speak. Even if it takes you a minute and people stare. Just try to be more cognizant of language. That is a message to us all.

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