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When you open the doors to your home, you would expect the guest would treat your property as if it were their own.

But sometimes, that's not always a good thing if your house guest is a slob.

Growing up, there was always a house rule everyone respected.

Everyone would take their shoes off and wear provided slippers before walking onto the carpet. It was just common courtesy in our culture.

So when I was in college, and I had friends over one night – and well – lets' just say it didn't go well. More on that later.

Curious to hear from strangers about their rude house guests, Redditor xxHEYxx asked:

"What's the most disrespectful thing a guest ever did in your home?"

Some of the things these house guests did were so wretched, they were neither seen nor heard from again.

Stealing Milk Was The Least Of The Problems

"Had my girlfriend, and another now exfriend come over to my house.. My grandmother on my mom's side lived with us at the time. She had advanced alzheimers, and could only communicate with basic phrases. She was so bad, she would pat people on their backs and say 'good, good, good.' She also walked around with a zip lock bag of Q-tips that she would hand out as gifts.. Anyways, on this evening, said friend decided it would be funny to pants her in front of me and my girlfriend... He was promptly punched in the face and told to leave before he got hurt. I was shocked and enraged by the disrespect he showed my family, and my ill grandmother. Been 20 years and still have nothing to do with him. This guy was also the friend that would open our fridge and actually drink directly from our milk..."


Permanently Banned

"A friend of a friend crashed a party at our house. He proceeded to tell everyone that he was a drug dealer and he could get them the best product. He hit on all of the married women who had not brought their husbands, punched the friend who brought him and drove home, drunk and high. He is the only person I have banned from my house."


"Damn Cockroach"

"My sister use to stop over, drink my beer, steal my wife's clothes, make a mess, then leave. We changed the locks so she'd steal my parents key to get in so we stopped giving them one and somehow she'd still get in, like a damn cockroach. We have since moved far out of her visiting range."


Crack Reveal

"I invited a friend to 'predrink' at my parents house (in our 20s so my parents were fine with it). Showed up completely obliterated, while my parents were there and dropped a small baggie of cocaine in front of them. He then proceeded to ask where the washroom was."

"Needless to say that was a pretty tame night for me, as my parents sent him packing. I had no idea about his coke habit, just for the record."


The Klepto In The Family

"A family member stole some of my mother's jewelry including some that was left to her by my great grandmother who passed recently at that time. A few years before that we also had another family member steal some pain medication my mom had as well. Let's just say we don't really interact with my family that much anymore."


These people could not keep their DNA to themselves.

Skid Marks

"Dude came over, apparently sh*t his pants and threw his heavily skid marked underwear in with my dirty laundry pile. I found my dog chewing on his underwear the next morning."


Contaminated Cake

"The couple sat down at a table with a cake (which hadnt been served it) took each a fork and started to eat it, not cutting the cake into a piece for themselves, but going back and forth with forks to mouths and to cake, smacking and slurping. Nobody else wanted any cake."


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Snot Very Nice

"Blew his nose on a tissue and then just threw it on the floor. Worst thing is, he expected me to pick it up for him."


Drunk Bleeding

"Invited along her boyfriend of one week (without asking if it was alright first) who proceeded to get stupidly drunk and throw up all over the back deck. He cut his ankle open while thrashing about and started dripping blood everywhere. As I was trying to put a bandaid on him, the girlfriend had the audacity to tell me he doesn't like bandaids. I said 'Tough sh*t' and put it on him anyway and the rest of us angrily waited for his brother to come pick the two up."


A Fecal Message

"We had my in-laws' wedding in our back yard. A few hours into festivities, I found 'need more toilet paper' written on the bathroom wall with human feces."


Time For Trimming

"Cut their toenails in my living room. They were just visiting for a few hours."


Crimson Crime

"Had sex with her boyfriend on my white comforter while on her period."


When people destroy things – including relationships – after being welcomed into a person's home, they should never expect another invite ever again.

Drug Addiction

"A 'friend' asked to stay with me for a few days because she was having relationship problems. Turns out the relationship problems were all down to the fact she had a massive drug habit and her boyfriend was fed up of her spending all their money on it. The first night she invited 5 people who I didn't know round after I'd gone to bed and I had work the next day. Then she just disappeared for 3 days and went on a bender, I had her boyfriend calling me worried sick and nobody knew where she was. When she finally turned up she called me a sh**ty friend for not covering for her. She didn't even ask me to! Yeah we're not friends anymore."


No More Toys

"Had some friends in middle school come over and smash up all the Lego sets in my room then wondered why I didn't want them to come over again."


Ruined Carpet

"Neighbor's kid came in with dirt all over his feet and then wiped them on the carpet. Never did get the stain out."


Yogurt Violator

"My son's friend ( middle school) opened all the yogurts in my refrigerator. Didn't eat then, just opened all the tinfoil lids."


So, back when I was in a college marching band, I tried to fit in as most freshmen did back then.

When our drum major couldn't find a place to have a house party, I happily offered my place – without consulting my parents.

It happened to coincide on the night my parents were out and I had the place to myself. So my buddies came over with cases of beer...and their muddy shoes.

I didn't have it in me to inconvenience them by asking to abide by the no shoes house policy.

Of course, my parents came home early and witnessed the travesty. The place was a mess, and I had to cover for the professional carpet cleaning later.

But you know what? I became the popular freshman in the band. At least for that month. Yeah, I do not miss my college years.

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