Stephen Colbert Tried His Best To Figure Out Who Keri Russell Is Playing In 'Star Wars: Episode IX,' But She Wouldn't Break
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For nearly two years, fans have been waiting patently for more information about the final installment of the Star Wars franchise. But the actors are remaining tight lipped, even as fans grow more anxious.

Keri Russell is no different. She wasn't in the last two films, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, but she has a role in the yet to be named finale. She stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on March 26, and she refused to reveal a thing.

Stephen Wants 'Star Wars' Spoilers From Keri

Russell is known for playing the titular role of Felicity on the show Felicity. Most recently, she portrayed Elizabeth Jennings on FX's The Americans, which had it's series finale last May.

Colbert is rewatching the entire series, and mentioned he had not seen the finale yet. Russell showed off her secret keeping skills by not revealing a single spoiler.

Then Colbert asked Russell about her Broadway debut in the show Burn This, in which she works with Adam Driver.

Colbert asked her if she was the star of the show.

Russell responded:

"Well in my mind, Adam, because he has this great showy part, I always though it was Adam's play and we started rehearsing and I thought, I'm in this a lot more than I thought."

Driver also plays Ben Solo/Kylo Ren (the son on Princess Leia and Han Solo) in the newest arc of Star Wars. Russell gets to work with Driver again because she has a role in Star Wars Episode IX.

Colbert first brought up Star Wars by asking what Russell's son thought of her involvement.

He even asked if he visited the set, to which she responded:

"He didn't get to visit the set, because we shot in London in Pinewood where they shoot the original, but I do have the coolest costume. I will say."

Colbert then tried to get Russell to reveal the title of the new movie and what her roles were, even insisting that director J.J. Abrams wouldn't care because they are friends:

"J.J.'s a friend of mine, he wouldn't mind if you told me. We're all friends of J.J's here."

Keri Russell held her ground, adamant the she wouldn't tell. As a last resort, Colbert tried to guess what kind of character she would play.

With a camera focused on Keri's face, he read his guesses:

"Your character is Yoda's ex wife, Rachel who runs a profitable business on Tattooine. You and Yoda met on Okay Cupid, and he said he was six foot two.

Your character is pretending to be a member of The First Order but is actually a Russian spy with a lot of wigs.

Your character isn't integral to the story, you just keep walking into random scenes asking if you left your keys there."

Being the professional she is, Russell didn't let anything slip, though she did find the humor in his guesses. Colbert's last guess, especially, was a fan favorite.

He says:

"This is my big guess. This is my final guess. This is based partially on the length and color of your hair, your character is Chewbacca's step sister, Chewbecky."

People seemed to like the idea of Chewbecky:

And of course they had their own theories:

Russell is clearly good at keeping secrets, maybe because she played a Russian spy on TV for six seasons. She wouldn't even give away the name of Episode IX.

Guess we'll just have to wait for the movie to come out to get all the answers. Let's hope we can make it til then!

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