Chrissy Teigen Is Giving The Internet An 'Organizational Orgasm' With Pics Of Her Pantry—And It's Impressive
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If there is one person who is winning at social media, it's Chrissy Teigen.

The model, author, and television personality is very active, giving people insight into her life.

Most recently, Teigen showed off her pantry, promising an "organizational orgasm" in a series of pictures.

And, well, she isn't exactly wrong.

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

"...look how purdy my pantry is!!! neat freaks, swipe for an organizational orgasm. Thank you, @riorganize!!!"

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

This is beyond just organized.

This is a dream pantry.

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

As someone who likes to do the cooking for my family, I've often considered reorganizing my pantry, but even those hypothetical plans have never gone this far.

The post went viral with everyone weighing in with praise on the post.

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

However, this also gives us a look into what Teigen keeps in the pantry, and it's amazing.

There's so much jam and peanut butter, snacks for the kids and well-presented spices and sauces for cooking. It's all displayed, with ease of access.

However, how many bottles of Tobasco sauce does someone really need?

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

Now, this isn't just the case of the rich and famous having more time to do something we plebeians do not. They also have more money to hire someone to do it for them.

In the post, Teigen gave a shout out to RíOrganize, a business that offers "full-service luxury organization."

Ría Safford, the founder of the business shared her excitement to work with Teigen on her own Instagram.

In an interview with People, Safford shared her secrets to make the pantry not just pretty, but functional.

"This project was a partnership with iDesign and is a lot of the products we used are there. There were some additional products that I purchased on my own, but the main products are The Home Edit collection."

Clear and labeled bins, tiered shelves, and Lazy Susans keep things neat but also easily accessible. The whole endeavor is very impressive.

And Safford has every reason to be proud.

In addition to making the rest of us drool over her organizational skills, Teigen's post even had Marie Kondo stop by to praise the work.

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

After seeing this, I might need to make plans for my own kitchen. At the very least, organizing all the tea I have should be a priority.

But after seeing Teigen's pantry, I'm considering stocking up on Goldfish.

@chrissyteigen / Instagram

@chrissyteigen / Instagram


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