I don't know if it's laziness or fear. They are the two strongest reasons for putting things off in life. I totally get it and I'm completely guilty of it.

I often reference the legendary mantra Scarlett O'Hara lived by... "I'll think about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day." People love and cling to that idea.

Most of us keeping pushing tomorrows. And eventually, that often leads to chaos. And sometimes death. I'm not exaggerating. There are just some things in life that are too important to ignore. No matter how difficult.

So let's get to it.

Redditor Bedwar_man wanted everyone to be more responsible and start being more on top of things, they asked:

What is something that, when left unchecked, can ruin a persons life?

Money and debt are my two biggest issues. Debt just keeps building if you don't get on it. I'm too afraid to call the student loan people. I'll do it tomorrow. Whoops...


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"Mental health. It took me years to realize how much I've dissociated. It became how I deal with everything. There are so many unhealthy ways to live your life by ignoring mental health."

- jgoerzenszvfgsq

Check the skies...

"Terminal velocity."

- MissPiggysSexTape

"Birds crap at up to 26,000 feet, or 14000% higher than the CN tower. When was the last time someone got killed by falling avian feces? But no, seriously. I used to work on tall buildings and radio towers. I'm also afraid of heights, so while I was up there I'd work out out how fast various things would hit the ground to distract myself."

"Air resistance is a real witch, and rotational effects make it even slower. Pennies dropped off the tallest building west of the Mississippi, the one I was on top of, would barely break 22mph. Harking a loogie over was no worse to pedestrians than pigeons."

"It was only once I got into the tools I was using that there would be an injury. A 9/16 wrench dropped 900 feet might actually kill someone, if it hit them in the head just right. The 1-inch would kill someone most of the time. Needless to say all my tools were on loops, and undroppable."

- technos


"Disassociation. Your brain is an incredibly powerful force and it can start working against your best interests so quickly while telling you that everything is fine."

- illegally_blonde_1

"Thank you for this. I looked up dissociation in Google from this thread. I realize I have been struggling with both derealization and depersonalization in teens, and even now to some extent. I too think physical activities and activities I am really passionate about are the ones I "participate." I can say I have been a spectator to many years of my life and not feel my own experience. It is really strange, how do we come out of it??"

- Equivalent_Fix_5869

I'm scared to be honest...

"Mental and emotional abuse. Damn, I'm 36 and still trying to undo the damage done my whole childhood. The pain of beatings doesn't compare to how mental and emotional abuse screws with me every day in so many ways. And even stupid stuff. I go into fight or flight mode if my boss wants to talk to me. I constantly think my friends and my husband are mad at me or sick of me. I'm scared to be honest about my feelings sometimes because I don't want to be ridiculed."

- HistoryNerd1781

Need Zzzz...

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"A severe lack of sleep. I have no longer been able to sleep at night for some odd reason, so my brain causes me to essentially pass out during the day."

- Necessary-Cod3720

Are you paying attention? You should be.

Open your mouth...

Richard Kiel Smile GIF by James Bond 007 Giphy

"Take care of your TEETH. Unless you want to end up with a molar shattering one day and having to get a quadruple root canal."

- Kashyyykonomics

Best Excuses For Late Assignments That Were Actually True | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Teachers have heard every excuse in the book from students who were trying to pull a fast one. We all know the classics: 'dog ate my homework,' 'my car burst...

Dear Doctor,

"Just got gallbladder surgery! I had a pain under my right ribs off and on. Then at one point it wouldn't go away and kept getting worse. Had an ultrasound and emergency surgery like two days later. I had a huge gallstone blocking my bile duct, and it would have ruptured. Yeah pain can come and go, but if it gets to the point where it is there all the time, go to the doctor!"

- hahahannah9

Love your skin...

"Strange skin growths. One of my wife's uncles was at a family gathering that was also attended by my BIL, an ER doc. The uncle mentioned that he'd had this odd growth on his leg for some time but hadn't bothered to do anything about it. Showed it to my BIL who adamantly advised him to get seen immediately. Uncle still took his time—too many other things to do or whatever. A year on an the man is just riddled with cancer. I don't think there's much to be done other than making him as comfortable as possible at this point."

- Southern_Snowshoe


"Email. My kid almost lost the financial aid award because it's summer; I don't have to check my email. It was an intense hustle to get everything squared away and not lose that spot at college."

- awill237

"At the beginning of all the grad school classes I TA'd for I always ended the first day by asking, "Who here has a smartphone? Who has an email app on their phone? Who has their student email account synced with the app?"

"It was always all hands raised, all hands, two or three hands. I would make them set it up before they left. Checking your email in the morning and evening takes maybe 5 minutes on average unless you are a very important person in some organization who should really be checking more often!"

- Zealousideal_End2330

the long list...

list GIF Giphy

"Headaches, skin cancer, tooth pain, kids, UTI which can turn into kidney infection, wound infection, bowel disease, debt, bad relationship."

- creatureoflight_11


"Any form of addiction over a period of time." ~ TomatoWithAnH

"As a recovering drug addict, this is absolutely true. But I'd argue it wasn't really even the drugs. It was the money spending. If spending goes unchecked, it will destroy you and your family. Money (or lack thereof) is a powerful, powerful force." ~ slugvegas

This could be life changing.

"Their mental health. Also their physical health .Also their social health. Basically don't neglect the things that affect your overall health. I'd start with physical health, go for a walk a few times a week. Doesn't matter if it's only for 5-10 minutes. Slowly increase your time walking."

"If you can handle it then maybe join a recreational sports club so you can make some friends while improving your physical health. Some therapy like CBT (read up about it) would probably help you a lot and you may have some underlying conditions. This could be life changing. The start is just taking a few steps in some walking shoes, please give it a try." ~ OdinTheBogan

Don't be Stupid...

"Tooth pain. I've broken bones that didn't effect my daily life as bad as a tooth growing in the wrong way. If I would have fixed it when I first noticed it, it would of been a $1000 surgery and a few weeks of heal time, now my teeth are completely freaking cricked and it's gonna cost me over $6000 and probably gonna need adult braces to have a nice smile again."

"Don't be stupid, take care of your teeth. And if no one has told you, please spend $30 and buy a good electric toothbrush. They work 100% better. And don't skimp on good toothpaste. Fluoride free charcoal toothpaste doesn't do it. I know from experience." ~ modest_crayon

Brain Freeze

Confused Always Sunny GIF by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Giphy

"Headache's. Sometimes they're from stress but a lot of other things could be the cause." ~ whllpers


"Bad habits. You know... you take two days off from the gym or from a run and then a third. Uh-oh. Day 4 rolls around and now you're out of your routine and not exercising nearly enough. You pig-out at a fast food place for lunch... and then dinner because it was there and you were hungry. Two crappy meals in a row. Probably going to top it off with a bunch of sugar for breakfast in the morning. The bad habits are going to become routine and it will ruin you." ~ jck73

Sign the Deal!

"Bridges. Many people die from bad infrastructure. Thank you USA for making some states have less than 5 people to manage their entire state's infrastructure." ~ randypupjake

"The new federal TAMS requirements will be making an impact on this problem over the next five years." ~ qpgmr

Check on It

Themselves. Now "check yourself before you wreck yourself" jokes aside. You as a human don't always know what's best for you. If you're facing depression, anxiety or whatever else form of issue don't be a hot head about it and get help." ~ CSBastion

Open Up

mail mailbox GIF by xxiyaa Giphy

"Not opening your mailbox, did this out of depression and anxiety for like 6 months. Im still trying to get out of debt, it was like 2 years ago." ~ NondescriptPassenger

YOU decide...

"Not communicating with your significant other. I know there are worse things, but this should not be overlooked. I'd add that "ruin a persons life" shouldn't even be a real statement. There is nothing that will happen in life that will ruin you. YOU decide you and no one else." ~ topfuel1970

The list is endless. So just start chipping away. Stay on top of it. Teeth and mind first. Stay calm.

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