People Break Down Their Biggest Turn Offs When Talking To Someone New

We have to meet new people everyday, unless of course you're a hermit who never leaves home.

And meeting new people can be a daunting aspect about life.

I think it's daunting to meet new people because so many people are disappointing.

So pay attention. Is this person rubbing you the wrong way?

First impressions are everything and they tell us most, if not all we need to know about a life newbie.

That's why if you start seeing red flags right away... wave them high and walk away.

Redditor littlest_thingwanted to hear about the things that are not appreciated in the very beginnings of meeting others.

They asked:

"What’s the biggest turn off when you’re talking with someone new?"

I can always tell if someone is going to be a handful or not. They try to hide it, but I can feel it. Gross.

Convince Me

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"When they pretend to listen, but don't make the least effort to make it convincing." ~ Any_Weird_8686

May I Speak?

"When they talk at you and don't leave you with an opportunity to speak in between topics." ~ 1122Sl110

"Ooooh boy, I was in a serious relationship with someone who would NOT let me get a word in during conversation. I would have to damn near shout a few words to get her to stop, which she would angrily tell me not to interrupt her and let her finish. When she would finish, I had forgotten most of the points I wanted to bring up, then she’d accuse me of not participating in our conversations, how 'she had to do all the work' It was horrible." ~ KBtrae

That don't Impress me Much...

"Trying to impress me with money or discussions of things they buy with their money when they are clearly attempting to show off that they have a lot. Same thing with connections, like great, you know an important person. These always seem like thinly veiled attempts to cover up feelings of ineptitude, lack of true friends, or just inferiority complex in general." ~ Rod_N_Todd


"Random out-of-left-field insults/putdowns." ~ 12amSkulker

"Once a girl I was talking to let me know that I unintentionally said things that put her down. I thought i was just teasing her but she never felt that I was. Man, the girl flipped my whole world that day. Now I triple think before I even talk anymore. She left me on read that day after I apologized, but it felt like a freight train hit my gut. Glad she told me that, been improving the way I talk to people from there on out." ~ RXZVP

Better than you...

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"When someone pretends to be cool and they make you feel inferior." ~ AdMaximum9782

All of the above. I've met ALL of these people. Goodness.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

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"You're doing most of the talking and they act as if they couldn't care less." ~ indy6548

"People who keep talking about the most boring crap even though you clearly couldn't care less." ~ carbombb

"That" Friend

"I have a 'friend' that will constantly interrupt me whenever i’m talking or talk over me. it’s always about her and never about anyone else." ~ supperoni

"I have a friend that particularly does this. Sometimes you ask another friend a question and he answers for a friend. Worse part is when someone talks about an achievement and he wants to impose how he achieve something bigger or 'more awesome' in his mind. I love my friends but sometimes that annoys me and I’m sure all of my other friends!!" ~ PlaystationPlus


"Inability to disconnect from social media for even a short period of time." ~ KAPSLOCKisON

"Idk if this falls into this category but last year i drove an hour to see someone for a third date just for them to sit on their phone texting their friends on instagram. Then he made plans with them and had me drop him off for them." ~ giantoof

"Went to a social gathering yesterday. My wife and I were talking to someone who we haven’t seen in a while. We were in the middle of a convo, responding to a question she asked, and she just whips out her phone and starts scrolling. Rude. My wife and I glance at each other, and like on cue we stopped talking immediately and just left her standing there." ~ celsius100

Back Home

"A girl I took out on a first date spent a decent amount of time talking about how much money she would get when her parents died... they were both happy and healthy in their 50s. She also told me the music I had on (it was the radio) sucked and that her dad told her what REAL music was and I needed to listen to that."

"Then she said her parents told her she was conceived to a Jimi Hendrix song so she knew what good music was because it was in her DNA. She was so busy talking about herself that she didn't notice I did a 3 point turn and headed right back to her house." ~ SamIamGreenEggsNoHam


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"Someone who just feeds off drama. Like doesn’t talk about anything else but things that are going on with other people. I’m trying to get to know you, not some random sorority girl and what she did last weekend." ~ soonimaru

Makes you want to be a hermit. No? Remember... you know right away.

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