The human body is an amazing instrument and whole handful of mess. Like, what was God thinking? Was he thinking?

Or is it evolution's fault? So many questions left unanswered. And as much as I tried to pay attention in anatomy class, there are still spaces without detail.

Like... why does anyone have nipples? And so much hair, everywhere.

Even in this new, body positive era, the human body may be beautiful, but it ain't perfect.

Redditor u/The-Regal-Deathless wanted to discuss, the body and all of its mess by asking:

What's the biggest design fail of the human body?

Dogs. Dogs have a way better design. We tend to be far more clunky. We could've all be calibrated with more precise measurements at least. Let's see who agrees...

Tiny Issues

fact toes GIF Giphy

"Little toe, that tiny mf just there to get brutally abused by furniture."

- Muhiaprime

Be Cooler

"The fact that we have the tail bone but no tail, WE COULD HAVE A TAIL, BUT WE DON'T. Oh yeah, AND WE COULD HAVE STRIPES, under a certain light (forgot which type) you can see stripes on our skin. HUMANS COULD BE SO MUCH VISUALLY COOLER BUT WE JUST AREN'T. And funny bones, never hit it too much but when I do, it sucks, evolution just wanted to mess with us I swear 😤."

- MyBeanYT


"Period, wth were they thinking."

- tinynarrator

"What I don't get about periods/cramps is why they are painful. Pain is supposed to be the way your body lets you know something is wrong. But periods are completely normal and occur regularly… so why do they hurt? (Even without medical issues I mean) Just freaking expel the blood/uterine lining and be done with it. I don't need the drama!! Haha."

- emmyloo22

The Slide

"Hair, particularly in males, has a tendency to "slide" downwards as they age, growing on the back, chest, and butt but leaving the top of the head exposed. There needs to be a stronger epoxy in our hair that keeps in on top of the head where it belongs, an a repellent on the rest of the body where it doesn't belong, to prevent this downward "slide."

- llcucf80


Lady Gaga Makeup GIF by MOODMAN Giphy

"Eyelashes getting into your eyes and them feeling horrible. Also inhaling little bit of spit and you suffer a tiny death while coughing up what feels like all your innards."

- UpfrontFinn

Now eyelashes I love. I do, real or fake. I'm here for body flare but some of those other thoughts, I'm in agreement. I'm sorry for women and that "time of the month." God may definitely be a man with that one.


black and white dancing GIF Giphy

"Knees. Seriously. These things get damaged so easily and just cause so much pain. Sure, they look cool, at first. But damnit, when they go - THEY GO."

- bored-now


"Spinal cord. In general. Look at how pressure and weight get applied, then look at spines for bipedal creatures, and it's kind of darkly funny."

- Meegs294

"Well, everything here... but we also evolved as quadrupeds. Why you get so many back problems, knee problems, hip problems, organs not hanging but compressing each other. Lungs can't drain. We aren't really meant to walk upright. But it sorta worked. Just like everything else... it sorta works..."

Being Broken

"That those with penises have to expect them to stop working efficiently as they age, while those with vaginas have to experience random symptoms presenting out of nowhere (menopause) until they die, after years of their uterus ripping itself apart when an egg isn't fertilized. We got some problems."

- Vegeta91588


"Wisdom teeth. Just, why?"

- wowawiwowa

"Mine are weird. Still have all 4. Upper right is on an 45 degree angle. Lower ones are out for the most part. Upper left was supposed to come down when I had a molar next to it pulled… never appeared 6 years later. They aren't causing me problems but I'm probably getting them taken out this year. Might as well."

- siobhanmairii__


Hasan Minhaj Netflix GIF by Patriot Act Giphy

"Breathing and eating through one hole. I guess it's common among all animals not just humans but still, the Devs should be fired for that one."

- EarballsOfMemeland

Knees need more strength and I'd kill for more ways to breath, especially on a treadmill. The body is a mystery and a conundrum. But, it's all we've got, so take care of it.

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