People Share Their Best Responses To Being Told 'F**k You'
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You've probably had someone tell you "f*ck you" or to "go f*ck yourself" at least once or twice or ten times throughout your life and if you haven't, have you even lived?

But what do you say when you want to be smart and witty and want to shut someone down while you're at it?

After all, you can't just stand there, you probably should have a response lined up.

(Disclaimer: Know when to walk away, seriously.)

People shared their best suggestions with us after Redditor Bluephoenix681 asked the online community:

"What's the best response to 'f*ck you?'"


"‘You want to what?’ Hopefully then the reply is another f*ck you."


Hopefully – and when it does happen you must feel so powerful!

You could say this:

"In this economy?"


I felt this in my soul.

The rent is too damn high.

Or this!

"Don’t threaten me with a good time."


Who's to say it'd even be a good time, huh?


"Tell your mom to top up the cell phone she bought me so I can FaceTime her late night!"


But then what do you say if they remark that their mom died?

The Welsh appreciate this joke.

"You'd never be satisfied with a sheep again."


Paging the Welsh – you must have a response to this joke.

You must.

Self deprecation.

"You wouldn't like it I just lay there."


Ummm... you might want to work on that, in that case.

How polite!

"Thank you."


Kill them with kindness.

They won't know what hit them.


"You aren’t my type.”


This is an excellent way to stop someone in their tracks.

This works, too.

"My go to response to statements like this is “I will try anything 4 times." Mainly causes confusion at first but tends to make people laugh."


Four times?

That's quite specific.

There's a story here, isn't there?

That's quite the claim.

"You’d never go back to women."


I'm okay in this regard but thanks!

Next time someone tells you to go f*ck yourself, you'll be prepared, won't you?

Or just throw back another f*ck you or some other variation.

It's the most versatile swear word in the English language, after all.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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