People Divulge The Best Purchases Under $100 That Completely Changed Their Lives
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Finding something at an incredibly discounted price is one of those small victories which makes you want to jump for joy.

The only thing that could top the feeling of finding something for a surprisingly low price, is what a difference that purchase could end up making.

Up to and including changing your life forever.

Redditor systemkwiat was curious to hear cheap purchases people made which wound up having a wonderfully lasting impact, leading them to ask:

"What purchase under $100 improved your life?"

"Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers..."

"A side sleeper pillow."- introverting_vibes

Brightens my smile.

"Water Flosser/Pik."

"I can't believe how much crap gets stuck in the mouth."

"Even after using regular dental floss and then using a water flosser just to see what would happen, I still spit out stuff."- FonzieScheme_

"Electric toothbrush."- MisterPublic

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"How does your garden grow?"

"A book on gardening on a budget."

"I had nothing to do in my life at the time and needed a hobby."

"It was soothing and I felt like I accomplished something when I reused old furniture to make garden beds, I was depressed but gardening gave me a reason to get out of bed in the AM."

"Can’t leave my spinach thirsty right?"

"I ate healthier, I meet friends and now it’s a passion for me."- CloudberryCover

Say what you will about screens...

"A second monitor."

"Programming and schoolwork became so much easier."- Arrowkill

Extra clean and refreshing.

"I just got a water filter for my shower head."

"Now the water doesn't smell like chlorine."- luckeegurrrl5683

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"I got the power!"

"Bought a jump pack for $50-$70ish."

"It jumped my car 4 times on one charge and still reported a 3/4 charge level."

"Super easy to use, just hook it in, push the power button, and then start the car, and it can charge phones and such too."-smiling_at_cheese

"Soldering Iron."

"Any broken technology you got could be fixed with these!"

"Careful though cause they burn hotter than a glue gun."- philipde

Allergies be gone!

"Antihistamines."- StardewIsMyPassion

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And now I'm walking on air!

"Orthopaedic insoles."- Jamaqius

Hydration is key

"My PUR water faucet filter has changed my life, I was carrying in 4x 3&2x5 gallon jugs of water weekly."

"At 68, it was getting harder on me each week."

"Now I turn on my kitchen faucet & flip the tab on the filter, I have as much water as I want & my hip, knees & back don't suffer."- Relevant_Quantity_40

Say goodbye to achy joints

"Midol"- MyNameIsMinhoo

Talk About a "Quick Fix".

"A prefilled toolkit."

"Instead of rummaging through a box and hoping you have the specific tool you need and then trying to somehow do it without it you just take it."- asdanjer

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Always within arms reach.

"A belt loop key ring and holder."

"I clasp my key chain to the ring, and clasp my car keys to the holder."

"It makes a lot more sense once you see a picture of it."- morahman7vn

A Wardrobe can never grow too big.

"Just some nice looking statement clothing peaces."

"I feel way better every time I dress up now. and I actually have stuff to dress up with it improved my mood and just my confidence."- duckwithtoast

Make room for mushrooms!

"A $10 book on how to grow and forage edible mushrooms."

"That was 5 years ago, now it is my full hobby and soon to be business."- Sad-University-2332

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Perfect for emergency snacks.

"For my fellow dudes, small second-hand freezer to store a ton of meals in."- Jimselpixel

Don't need to pay up to stay fit.

"A fitness tracker."

"Mine was a bit more than $100, but there are plenty that you can get for less than that."

"It really helped me become more conscious of how little I was moving on a day to day basis, and motivated me to walk and exercise more."- Wegzuwerfendes_Konto

Now I can see far more clearly

"Glasses."- Checktheactivity

Glasses Wow GIF by OriginalsGiphy

Always one step ahead.

"Kasa smart plug."

"It turns my espresso machine on in the morning and afternoon so it's ready to go when I want to make my coffee."

"No more waiting 15+ minutes, and I can turn it on/off from my phone too."

"Add the delonghi espresso machine that cost $80 when I got it three years ago and you're still under $100, though now something comparable is $100."- anteaterKnives

Next time you look at a bargain bin, keep an open mind, and take a look.

You never know what its contents might have in store.

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