People Divulge The Best Examples Of 'It's A Blessing And A Curse'

People Divulge The Best Examples Of 'It's A Blessing And A Curse'
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Life never gives without a little take.

That is because everything comes with a price.

Fame comes without privacy.

Money comes with attachments.

And love comes with compromise.

It's all a balance.

Though it can be treacherous.

Let's hear some examples.

Redditorbarsonswanted to dissect the times in our lives that have been the most complicated. They asked:

"What is a prime example of ‘a blessing and a curse’?"

Just being alive now means living through chaos. So we can start the fun there.

Money Prison

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"Having a well paying job you can't stand."


“'Golden Handcuffs.' I believe they’re called."


Too Soon

"Growing up too fast. Gives you the knowledge about being independent. But you miss out on being a kid."


"I've been told there is a theory within psychology that states that people with a traumatic event typically grow up too fast but retain some aspect of that age when they faced the trauma. So think a grown man who loves legos or action figures. It definitely made me a little annoyed when I was told that and think about my love of legos lol."


A Bird's Gift

"I don't know if this is just a thing in the UK but if you get sh*t on by a bird it's supposed to bring good luck. My dad got sh*t on by a bird, 2 weeks later he got sh*t on by another bird."


"I'm in the UK and I got told this way too many times. I got sh*t on once every 3 years for about a decade and I don't know how it worked out that way. 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015. Finally in 2018 I didn't get sh*t on and stuff started working out for me. I didn't get sh*t on in 2021 either so I think the cycle's broken."


Wasted Time

"Spending a day being lazy."


"This is so true. Having a full time job and just generally being an adult makes me long for a proper lazy day of gaming like back in the days. On the rare occasions that I do this I regret it afterwards because I don't have enough free time to spend it doing nothing productive."


World Love

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"Fame. Everyone likes you and you’re probably very rich, but you can’t leave your house without people staring and being weird."


Ahh yes, fame. Everyone's ultimate goal. Lord knows why.


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"Having a parent that was tremendously successful because they are good for you and provide for you but you always worry you won’t live up to their standards or continue the legacy."


<insert food here >

"Knowing a place with the best <Insert food here > You are blessed with the best of < insert food here> you are cursed with that whenever you try said food somewhere else, you will be disappointed and whenever you go to place with the best <insert food here > you will most likely order what they make best because you no longer eat it anywhere anyway."

User Deleted

The Annoying

"Kids. I mean, I love mine but, damn, they’re annoying."


"Yeah, I'm not one of those parents who thinks my kids are special, unique, gifted angels. I'm just not. They're quite bright, and the oldest works quite hard at school and gets good results from it, but they're not special."

"I'm always reminded of a car review from Top Gear, where Jeremy Clarkson was driving a Maserati Quattroporte. His summary was that the car was a lot like his five-year old: deeply flawed in so many ways, but he'd kill anyone who tried to take it away from him."


All the Pleasure...

"Having too much Dopamine. It can mean at times you're happier or feeling a sense of pleasure more than most, but having too much of it can cause all sorts of mental disorders."


"Dopamine would be nice, are you saying you might have some to spare? I'm taking donations, I need more of that sh*t. I'm willing to trade! Please?"


Smart people

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"The internet as a whole."


"Smart people. And it didn't used to be like a curse. The real curse in modern internet is social media and everyone trying to present themselves as 'good' as they can. People, no. It's actually bad to make every inch of your life public."


The internet has ruined it all. That and people.

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