There's something about seeing a person litter that drives me up the wall. I remember being younger and being explicitly told to hold on to my trash and not just throw it in the street.

As a kid, I distinctly remember being made fun of for not just throwing the bag of chips I'd just eaten or an empty soda bottle into the gutter.

I can't imagine doing that. Why?! We truly treat this planet as if we have somewhere else to go. And yes, it says a lot about people who do that.

Turns out I'm not the only one with strongly held opinions. People shared their thoughts after Redditor Acrobatic_Western_67 asked the online community,

"What's something that makes you instantly dislike someone?"

"Treating food service..."

"Treating food service/retail employees like garbage for no reason."


This is a big one. Don't do it. It says a lot about you. The people who take your food orders are not personal servants.

"Standing in the middle of aisles..."

"Standing in the middle of aisles or doors, etc., and not paying attention to anyone else coming or needing to get through. Extra bonus scorn if you actually take a tone or give a dirty look when someone dares say 'excuse me.'"


Ah yes, spatial awareness. It's in such short supply.

"When they exhibit..."

"When they exhibit a personality trait that I also have, and don't like about myself. Every time I find myself being dismissive or judgemental of somebody, it's just my own insecurity."


At least you're self aware enough to recognize that, and that's a big step!

"When I'm talking..."

"When I'm talking and they are not listening. Like they are not even trying to pretend that they are listening."


Ah yes, the constant talker. Difficult to get a word in edgewise.

"A person can treat me like a princess..."

"A person can treat me like a princess but as soon as I see them mistreating either animals or people, I am out of there. Because one of these days, you'll be on that receiving end."


Honestly, good for you. You know when you've dodged a bullet.

"Telling people..."

"Telling people to smile. It just screams condescending and a lack of emotional intelligence."


Condescending indeed. I really felt for the women I worked with back when I did customer service. They heard it all the time and I could tell they hated it.

"Grown ups..."

"Grown ups using 'baby talk' to try to get what they want. I'm not talking about when people goo-goo at babies, but when they use a silly whiney voice to try to persuade people or make people do them a favour."

"Aww, pwease hewp me wiv dis wittle pwoject."

"When I hear that I instantly lose respect for that person, be it a stranger or someone I know."

"Pet peeve."


I cringed so hard reading this. I hope no one does that around me!

"When the first thing they do..."

"When the first thing they do when they meet me is talk bad about others. Probably to make me think they are great and it's the other people that are the problem."


Yeah... run away. Run far away. If they're talking like that when they first meet you


"One-upping people. 'Yeah, that's pretty good, but one time I...' Okay, we get it, your life is more amazing than everyone else's."


That's nothing! You should hear MY thoughts on what you just said!

See what I just did there?

"When out driving..."

"When out driving, someone who pulls out in front of you, then proceeds to go 5-10+ mph under the speed limit."


You just described a bunch of my family members. I apologize on their behalf.

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: These sorts of behaviors are the kind that make other people think you're a jerk.

Don't be a jerk. Got it? Good.

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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