bad behavior

Dating and the search for love and companionship... What a nightmare.

This journey plays out nothing like in the movies.

Every Prince or Princess (or everything in BTW) seems to have a touch of the psycho.

The things people say during what should be simple dinner conversation can leave a dining partner aghast.

Like... do you hear you?

Redditor detroit_michigldan wanted to discuss all the best ways to crash and burn when trying to make a romantic connection. They asked:

"You're on a date and it's going really great. What can another person say to ruin it completely?"
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People Break Down The Worst Date They've Ever Been On

Dating and the search for love can be a treacherous disaster.

Even when you finally find someone to swipe right, you meet them and you wish they didn't even own a phone.

How do some people believe their behavior is appropriate?

Dates are meant to be fun and easy.

Not an episode of "Game of Thrones."

Redditor zippez wanted to hear about the times the love merry-go-round was a disaster. They asked:

"What was the worst date in your life?"
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