Angry People Explain Why They Are Mad
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Everyone is on edge in this current climate.

And all it takes is one grievance committed by another to make a person snap.

Someone going postal could be the result of a significant other's infidelity, appalling customer service, or individuals on either side of an argument over abiding by certain health protocols.

And that changes day to day, or even by the hour.

For those who are not feeling particularly bubbly at the moment, Redditor Chillay_90 asked:

"So, what ya'll mad about today?"

Being employed is a good thing.

That doesn't mean work conditions are always favorable.

A General Consensus

"Going to work."

– jebidiabooyaa

"I'm grateful to have a job just not always happy to go to it."

– jebidiabooyaa

Uncredited Employee

"Made an amazing job at work and everyone else that was higher up involved 'shoved' me aside and took credit. Now I'm the guy that worked 14 hours a day since mid December and all I got was being credited as some minor helper."

"To make matters worst I complained and my 'reward' was getting extra work and my boss saying 'in Old Rome when a gladiator killed a lion he wouldn't get a day off, he would have to kill another one the next day.'"

"I am seriously considering quitting today."

"EDIT 1: RIP my inbox, I seriously can't answer the literal hundreds of messages I am receiving right now. I thank you all for the support. I wrote in this just to vent some steam and found a lot of support here in a really bad moment. Also I am not considering posting the story again on another board mostly because I just want to move on and forget this happened altogether."

"EDIT 2: Talked to my GF and my parents and they were kinda shocked with this and asked me to quit as both see that this really took a toll on me. We will figure something out in the mean time and I have some solid savings for a rainy day, so I guess this is the time to put them to use. Also I talked to my direct supervisors this morning, as they had always been supportive and they say they will back me up in this process and try to make the next weeks as smooth as possible. One of them is apparently also considering quitting for similar reasons."

– _Didds_


"I'm a high school teacher. It's understood that we stay late on Wednesday for grade level meetings, content meetings, and professional development/training."

"I plan my life during the school year around that fact. Considering we're here until close to 6PM some Wednesdays, I make sure all afternoon/evening plans and commitments are never on a Wednesday."

"We came back yesterday and SURPRISE, we're going to be staying until 6PM on Mondays for additional meetings and training opportunities!"

"I have therapy on Mondays. BECAUSE of this job where I'm treated like sh*t from 3 different directions."

"This is my last semester at this school, so I just won't be attending. Fire me during a teacher shortage. I dare you."

– Ghost0fBanquo

Opinions matter.

So angry Redditors sounded off theirs.

Personality Clash

"My roommate’s ex wife is a narcissist. He’s got sole custody, and she still manages to cause problems. She’s the most infuriating person I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting."

– Phoenix_of_Asclepius

Everything Comes At An Exorbitant Cost

"Life is too f'king expensive."

– sam_francisco814

"For $9.99 you can unlock my opinion."

– Ryddim

Master Of Your Fate

"The fact that my future depends on me."


That Time Of The Month

"It's the first day of my period, I'm mad about everything."

– whiskey__throwaway

Redditors discuss how the wide range of emotions they're feeling fueled the fire.

Soiling Clothing

"I got diarrhea and lowkey shat my pants."

"Edit at 0:36 AM: My house almost exploded due to my sister's idiocy. To tell it quickly: We have old main heating furnace that can take everything and those has option to heat up water only or to make heaters warm. She put two shovels of coal because she didn't care to check the lever that controls it. Thank god that entire house did a roar of nightmarish beast that sounded like it's about to devour you. I almost shat my pants again."

– Alex152Pl

Chill Factor

"The windchill is -40..."

– A40

Persistent Pain

"The migraine I had yesterday is still here today."

– GrumpyWampa


"My dog collapsed right before Christmas. One blood transfusion and tons of meds later, she's on the mend."

"Went for her follow up today. Left the vet with one less dog."

"It's nobody's fault. Autoimmune disorder, probably. And she's 11, which is old, but for mini-dachshunds she should have had a few more good years."

"I'm just mad my poor dog is gone and there's nothing anyone could do about it. I miss you, Chloe."

– americancrank


"My new computer has been updating for two hours. I want to play Sims 4."

– drunkplantmom

Let's all collectively take a deep breath.

Now exhale...

If you feel a little bit better and more relaxed, then good on you.

And if you're still feeling irritable, frustrated, or still majorly peeved, I hear you, and I validate your distress.

But whatever it is that's ticking you off, it could always be worse, amirite? All we could do is just hope for a better tomorrow. Cheers.

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