There's a scene in this year's Oscar-nominated film Marriage Story when Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson), exhausted from their time-consuming and costly divorce and custody dispute over their son, hurl long-simmering recriminations at each other.

It's a simultaneously intriguing and uncomfortable scene, and it likely snagged Driver and Johansson their respective nominations in Best Actor and Actress. But the biggest moment in this scream-fest comes when Charlie tells Nicole he wishes she were dead.

The utterance sucks all the air out of our characters (if not the scene) and they soon find themselves working toward something that might resemble mutual healing. It's some of the most riveting acting you'll catch from this year's crop of lauded films, and the scene is praised precisely because it taps into something real, painful, and familiar to us all. Rage can consume us to the point where we hurt the people we love, sometimes irreparably so.

"What was the worst thing you did or said while angry?" –– This was today's burning question from Redditor Olrazghul, and it's an eye-opener.


My mother's ex husband and I had a really volatile relationship. He was mentally and emotionally abusive and my mom was an alcoholic.

There was one day where things got extremely bad. Both my mom and her ex-husband were drinking. All I did was walk in the door and that's when it all started. I was told I had no friends. I was told my family didn't care about me and that if I disappear it would be a good break because I was disappointing. I was told that they wished I was dead.

I kept trying to tell them to leave me alone. I tried hiding in my room too, but they followed me.

I at one point finally became so enraged at them I flipped my bed over (not just the mattress, I'm talking bed frame and all) because I kept a knife under my bed and then chased them out with a knife and told them I would kill them and not to go to sleep.

Yeah. That was fun to explain to the cops.


"I drew my friend..."


I drew my friend burning in lava with the devil hanging out next to him. I was 9. I got expelled from after-school care.


"Now I have to live..."

I punched a wall when I caught my ex cheating on me. Now I have to live with this weird bump on my right hand. Prolly a curled up tissue or cartilage of some sort.


"When I was very young..."

When I was very young, I would occasionally hit someone when I was angry. The very last time this happened was in 6th grade. My best friend and I got into a little fight (idr what about, but I assure you it was dumb) and I hit her as hard as I could on the arm. The look on her face is what snapped me back - she looked as if she had never been hit by anyone, ever, and was obviously very hurt both physically and emotionally. I felt immediate guilt and I swore then and there to never do it again and to be in better control of my emotions. Glad I learned that lesson early.


"Also cost me..."

I punched my car door once when my brother wouldn't open it for me. Immediately regretted it once I saw the dent. Also cost me a couple hundred to get that dent fixed.


"I picked it up..."

So this one; in my opinion, was a total accident but no one believes me.

When my brother was like 3 or 4 he kept rolling this stupid brick around, hitting me with it on the foot and ankles. He was pretending to be a dog or something. Anyway, I got mad after him doing it a couple times and grabbed the brick. Since I was mad I went to throw it down. I picked it up, turned 90 degrees to the right and wailed this brick to the ground as hard as my seven year old arms would let me. I didn't know he crawled around, because he was still pretending to be a dog, and I cracked him in the head with it. I knew I was in big trouble because my parents didn't beat me for it. It took like ten stitches on the back of his head to fix it.


"I gathered some blankets..."

Ran away from home.

I was 10. I gathered some blankets and snacks then headed to a mountain's resting place. I rode a bus for 2 hours then hiked up a mountain to the resting area my dad and I used to enjoy ramen cups. There was a generator nearby which kept me warm. I drank water at the springs. Some campers even gave me food since there was a large camping ground a bit lower to the mountain. After 3 days, I just went home because I really had to poop, but I did not want to shit in the woods.


"I threw a rock..."

I threw a rock at the ground and it bounced into my friends hand, breaking his pinky finger.

Total accident and i felt like an idiot.


"I still cringe..."

In middle school one of my classmates was permanently in a wheelchair. He was also a bit of a bully.

He was making fun of me and a friend and in the middle of it I said, "Come on (friend), let's go find some stairs."

I still cringe pretty hard about that.


"He was hit by a car..."

My brother was in middle school, and he biked there every day. I told him that I hoped he got run over.

He was hit by a car that very morning and had to be revived 12 times that day. Nobody expected him to live. I've never gotten over what I said.


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