The list of what irritates me is endless.

I mean... breathing too loud or dust can set me off.

I'm a bit unstable, yes.

But I'm not alone.

So let's discuss.

Redditor Aburntbagel6 wanted to hear about all the times many of us just couldn't control our disdain. They asked:

"What never fails to piss you off?"
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People Break Down The Insignificant Things That Make Them Really Mad

Everyone has their breaking point, where injustice was done to themselves or to others makes them snap.

These grievances may include a cheating spouse, a lying business partner, or a criminal committing unspeakable acts.

But sometimes, all it takes for an individual to snap and go postal can be due to what others may perceive inconsequential.

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Angry People Explain Why They Are Mad
Christopher Ott on Unsplash

Everyone is on edge in this current climate.

And all it takes is one grievance committed by another to make a person snap.

Someone going postal could be the result of a significant other's infidelity, appalling customer service, or individuals on either side of an argument over abiding by certain health protocols.

And that changes day to day, or even by the hour.
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