Men Break Down The Advantages Of Dating An Older Woman

I've never dated someone older.

Just hasn't happened.

I'm not averse to it, but I'd feel more comfortable with someone closer in age.

I hear there are a ton of benefits, though.

Learning. Growing. Sharing.

It can be comforting to be with someone who has navigated life in certain ways already.

Redditor hotmomkaia asked:

"Men of Reddit! What are the advantages of dating an older woman?"

The Reddit community opened up about their dating experiences.


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"I've dated some older women who were frisky as hell."


"My girlfriend is only a few years older than me, but she is BY FAR the horniest I've been with."


Talk 2 Me

"The communication. An older woman that can communicate well will cut through the bulls**t and get straight to what she wants and expects. It’s refreshing as hell."


"Yeah agree. My GF and I are both in our late 50s. Had a long talk on the phone last night and spent some time talking about potential issues between us. Both of us have come out of long and not particularly pleasant marriages."

"We each have low maintenance adult kids. We both have our own places so we don't have to be in each other's space all the time. We are both financially secure so if we want to spend money on some together time then we just do it. I wouldn't have it any other way."



"Older women play less mind games than younger women do. They're more straight up, and often know what they want. The difference between an older woman flirting and a younger woman flirting, in my experience, is night and day."

"Younger woman flirting: 'Hey I like your hair, can I touch it?' Older women flirting: 'I am absolutely swooning over you. If I wasn't married, you'd be with me tonight.'"



"I've been with a few older women, I have also dated women of a closer age. In my personal experience I will say that older women communicate much more, don't have unrealistic standards, they have a lot more experience both in life and the bedroom. The biggest one of all is that older women are just super hot! Is there anything I've missed?"


Eat Up

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"She knows where/what she wants to eat."


"Right, but she still won’t tell you."


The food argument has been the downfall of many a couple. Just pick a place!

She Knows

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"Maturity. It’s night and day. Most older women actually have their lives together and don’t play the childish game of validation."


Back then...

"When I was 18 I dated a 28 year old for about a year. I wasn't a virgin, but my experience up until then was just awkward teenage sexual stuff. She taught me the value of the non-sex parts of a sexual relationship. How to listen and learn what your partner enjoys and how to communicate what you enjoy. She helped mature my views on relationships, foreplay and sex in ways that someone my age wouldn't have been able to."


Love It

"I’m not dating an older woman but I am in a sexual friendship with a 49 year old mom (we have an agreement that the sex will stop but the friendship will continue if either of us get in a serious relationship). She is extremely good at responding to text messages and being on time. She even apologized for being five minutes late one time. I love this about her because most people I know can’t freaking answer their phone."



"Depends what you are after but I found that there was less pressure of 'is this going to be long term' as you both have realistic expectations up front and know that will not change. Generally because of that, I found there was never any drama and just honest conversations. With one, she would actually talk about what sort of woman she saw me ending up with one day. No jealousy, just an understanding that we were enjoying each other's company for now."


Helping Me

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"I'm not dating an older woman, mainly because I'm married to one."

"She is 5 years older than me, but it sometimes seems like a much bigger gap when you account for maturity level."

"She's actually helped me do a better job of understanding and managing my emotions, which is nice."



"Perhaps more confidence, steadiness, realism, honesty to themselves and others, fewer illusions and less sensitivity to influence. All just generalisations from my own experience. I don't have mommy issues or anything but I feel more comfortable and equal with slightly older women. I know myself pretty well, I'm pretty independent and I'm not being pushed either."


Love who you love.

Age is only a number.

Do you have any experiences or lessons to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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