People Share The Activities Their Body Told Them They Absolutely Must Stop Doing
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Getting older is inevitable.

Like everything else on the planet, over time the human body suffers the effects of wear and tear.

Joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, teeth, etc... are put through the ringer and eventually it begins to show.

Things we used to do with ease suddenly aren't so simple.

Redditor iamalsopizza asked:

"What did your body tell you that you had to absolutely stop doing?"

That 24/7 Life

"Pulling all nighters for any reason. My body will not tolerate it anymore."

- Eccentric_Mermaid

"I used to do it every weekend as a teenager, with help from Monster, my PC, and some of the fine programming on Adult Swim."

"Last time I tried as an early 20s adult, I passed out sitting straight up. I'm pretty sure now Monster just puts me to sleep."

"Last successful all-nighter I survived until 6 AM. I still woke up at 8:00 on the dot, on my day off. Thanks work."

- EvilDarkCow

"Oh my sweet, honey-glazed christ...I turned 40 last year and I swear it was like someone flipped a light switch."

"I used to pull all-nighters and get 4 hours sleep and be ready to go like a wild hog the next morning."

"Now I get 8 hours of sleep and I could frankly use a nap. Aging sucks."

- Cats-Steal-Things


No More

"Got seizures from drinking more or less a liter of vodka a day."

"Took a few years, but I'm now standing at 648 days alcohol free."

- FroggiJoy87

"Currently in the hospital. Came off a hangover caused by 14 shots of Altos and my body was like 'you know what? We're gonna figure all this shit out'."

"I had diarrhea so bad, I was almost in starvation mode when I got to the ER. Turns out, there's a tiny hole in my something and it was leaking waste into my body which gave me an infection."

"Been here 5 days, now. I have a straw in my belly which is draining the infection so the antibiotics can work better."

"Every time I look at it, I'm grossed out and wanna slap myself. I'm never touching a drink again in my life. F'k that."

"I just liked to have a good time and binge drink."

"Well, I'm gonna have to get some new hobbies or something because this sh*t here, ain't it."

- IreallEwannasay

"I use to take pills all the time to get high when I was going through some sh*t in my early 20's that I didn't really know how to handle at the time."

"Well one day while doing the pills, my body just said 'no more' and I projectile vomited everywhere in my room and bathroom. It got on the walls and floor. I was living with my parents at the time and blamed it on food poisoning or something like that."

"I tried again every day for like a week and each time I just threw them back up."

"And that's how I got clean off these pills. Drug free to this day!"

- Necrodotexe

Your Pancreas Says "No!"

"I just checked my blood sugar today and it is outrageous, so it looks like my food shenanigans are over."

"I made homemade bread last night and my blood sugar was 195 this morning. F'k my life."

- KayBeaux

"Yeah. When eating a piece of French bread becomes food shenanigans you know you're effed. Stuff most folks consider fine is now off limits."

"It's not like pork rinds or similar junk food, either. Potatoes, French fries, chips, etc... are absolutely not happening. OJ, cider, milk....all gone."

- jpr_jpr


Energy With A Side Of Palpitations

"Drinking Bang energy drinks, last one I had turned me into a panicking rage monster, whole time I thought I was going to die my heart was beating so fast and irregular."

- CaptnRiggen

"I used to work a day job till 6p M-F then work security at bars Thur-Sat from 10p-3am."

"One night I drank two of those 4-Hour Energy drinks. The second one was more of a 'Wonder what would happen?' more than I needed it."

"Holy f'k was that a bad idea. My heart was going so fast."

"I never touched that stuff again. That was before I really looked closely at the nutrition labels. Now I always look at them."

‐ lipp79

"I had this with Redbull—my first time drinking it and I never touched it again."

"Coca Cola also gives me heart palpitations so I rarely drink it but not to the 'omg, I'm going to die' level of Red Bull."

- QuendaQuoll

"I used to work overnights at a store that sold 4-Hour Energy at the counter. My coworkers and I would guzzle them to get through the night shift."

"I always felt that same sensation of irregular heartbeat for hours and the crash afterward was unbelievable."

- jellyrat24

Calm Down

"Being stressed."

"I'm at the age now where I realize that controlling my stress level is an actual physical health issue."

"I started getting bald patches on my facial hair, and terrible neck pain, and elevated heart rate. I'm definitely more mindful.

"I used to think stress was just about what I was feeling emotionally in a given moment, but no it's very physical."

- mjzim9022


"Yep this one right here! During the summer of 2020 I realize that if I didn’t start working on calming down, I was gonna drop dead of a heart attack or something."

"About six months later I noticed that I had six months growth worth of pure white hairs on the top of my head. I didn’t even have gray hairs before Covid."

"I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t have started calming myself down, I really would’ve had a heart attack."

- Drealjas

Sleeping Wrong Is A Thing

"Camping without an air mattress. The last time I did it using only a pallet of blankets I PAID for it the next morning."

"My entire body hurt. Getting old sucks."

- 2gecko1983

"Went to visit my grandmother 3 years ago and the air mattress had a hole in it, so I just said 'Ah its fine I'll sleep ona pallet on the floor'."

"I woke up the next morning with my left shoulder sore and stiff. It hurt all day, and every day after that."

"I finally broke down and went to the Dr about it this year. He said, 'You take anything for that?' I said, no. He said 'You probably should'."

"I was hoping maybe he was gonna fix me. Refer me to a joint specialist. Possibly see about surgery."

"Apparently after a certain age they dont really do that anymore and I now see why Aleve commercials are mostly targeted toward older people. Cause some disinterested Dr said 'You should probably start taking something for that'."

- IGotNoStringsOnMe


What activities has your body put a stop to?

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