The Most Outrageous Things People Were Taught In 'Abstinence Only' Sex Ed Classes

The Most Outrageous Things People Were Taught In 'Abstinence Only' Sex Ed Classes
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Let's talk about sex baby.

It's all the good things and the bad things that we think.

Such true words.

Teachers should play that song in Sex Ed.

That would be a great icebreaker and theme music.

Sex needs to be a freer conversation.

I have nothing against teaching abstinence, but it's just not realistic.

It's not the only option.

One Redditor wanted to talk about lessons in sex, having it and not, so they asked:

"People who had 'Abstinence Only' sex education, what was the most outrageous or untrue thing you were told?"

Why do these types of classes make sex something about fear? Let's teach kids things they need to know.

Stay Pure

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"'If you have premarital sex, no one will ever want you.'"


"That is actually kind of true, though. Some men ARE indifferent. But others look at you with disgust if you have a sex life."


Sticky Problems

"Comparisons of Girls Who Have Sex to Objects..."

"1- Chewed gum (you don’t want to share someone’s chewed gum, do you?)"

"2- A licked cupcake (this cupcake looks yummy, right? licks frosting How about now?)"

"3- Unwrapped, dirty gift with ripped up wrapping paper."

"4- A piece of tape that gets stuck to and then pulled off of a few people until it gets all fuzzy and can’t stick to someone else. (When you have sex with someone, you lose a bit of your 'stickiness' each time and eventually you’ll stop being able to 'stick' to anyone, meaning you can’t fall in love with anyone after you sleep with a few people)."

"Stretched out elastic band that eventually breaks. As far as I remember, these analogies were only used for girls. The boys were immune to the 'problems' surrounding sex."



"If a man ejaculates on or near your body the sperm will swim around and find your vagina and you will get pregnant."


"Sometimes I wonder if these people are lying or honestly just as ignorant as the kids they are teaching. Like there are literally billions of people who don't actually know how sex works, I'm sure some of them are sex Ed teachers."


"Damn its that easy? I know a couple who's being trying for years now. I guess he's bad at aiming. He must ejaculate like outside the house or something."


No Touching

"Hugging a boy will get you pregnant."


"My dad pointed to a teenage couple hugging when i was a kid and told me thats how you get pregnant."

"Months later at the fair my aunt put my 5 yr old cousin on the back of my horse and told him to wrap his arms around my waist to hold on. My heart sank. Later that day I shamefully told my dad that my 5 yr old cousin got me pregnant."


Counting Up

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"Having sex with 1 person is like having sex with 100 people."


1 = 100?! OMG! I'm outta of zeros.

Oh Drama

Wedding Dress GIF by PeacockTVGiphy

"My girlfriend's sex Ed program in middle school included a wedding dress that they splattered with red paint."



"So I'm Irish and Catholic. Growing up in Dublin we had church sanctioned sex education, some of the highlights..."

"- All penises are the same size when erect (we were 14 and this was hilarious to us)."

"- Being gay is just a phase."

"- No method of birth control is reliable."


It's all good...

"Opposite story: I went to a Catholic high school. My Health teacher was a progressive. So she closed the door and said 'Listen, ok, sure, masturbation is a sin or whatever, but it's actually fine. You gotta, you know, clean out the pipes once in a while. Now if your friends ask you to go to the movies and your answer is 'Sorry, gotta stay home and masturbate' probably step it back a bit.'"


Was it Bubble Yum?

"The instructor gave all the boys in the class chewing gum and let them chew on it for a few minutes. Then she asked them if any of them wanted to share. Of course none did. Then she asked if they didn't want to share gum, why would they want to share sex partners? This was in a co-ed class so all the girls in the class got to see too."


Climb Every Mountain

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"If you are willing to make out with someone, you'll end up having sex with them because you pass the point of no return on the mountain climb to sex."


Nothing wrong with abstinence. Nothing wrong with sex. Do you and be safe?

What was the weirdest thing you were taught in sex ed?

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